Sunday, May 31, 2009

Antique Delight!

To start off I will just tell you this: the women in my family go bezerk over antiques. My Mother, my Grandmother, my Aunty..and now me. Over the past few years I've embraced a more feminine style of dress, so I now wear the floral dresses my Mum always wished for me to try on. I enjoy taking pieces of a fashion from another era or another country and adding it to my style. Along with this change in me (which co-occured with a change in my life direction- doing a Speech Pathology degree) I have also come to appreciate and adore antiques. I'm not referring to antiques like old scrubbing brushes..but antique jewellery, plates, cups & saucers, cutlery etc. I like that objects so old can last in beautiful condition and that they have a story even, even if you know nothing about the antique except that it is so-and-so years old.


A few days ago when I went to my Grandma's house she called me into her room where she said she had something to give to me. She started off with the modesties of "I'm not sure whether you'd like it or not.." and she pulled out a red suede blazer from her wardrobe: I knew the blazer wasn't for me because my Grandma is a 5' size 6. But attached to the blazer was a wonderful locket/brooch that she detached and put into my hand. I have never received an antique from my family before so this was truly something that amazed me. All I know is that it's most likely 100-150years old, during the Victorian rule. I already have worn it twice in the past three days although I am scared to lose it, but I love wearing it with the knowledge it has a history, it has been passed through two continents already to my knowledge, perhaps even more!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My shoulders need warming.

Today I went on a single-woman adventure to hunt out either a cute coat, jacket or knitted jumper (of the snowflake or deer design kind). But before I embarked on such an adventure I went to Tresors in the Strand Arcade inbetween Pitt St & George St; it is the most darling place. It is the size of a large walk in wardrobe and is crammed with antique delights. I bought my mum an 1830's plate from there for mother's day with the floral design in the centre of it *drool*. They have such beautiful trinkets and deceased peoples' paraphernalia there. I could spend a very long time in there pulling out every thing and observing. It is a bit pricy but definitely worth it if you love florals, antiques, vintage things (not much clothing there)or just lovely objects in general.

After that I went to multiple second hand stores, weaving in and out of the streets of Surry Hills. Firstly I noticed there was a very strong scent of spices on Crown St and I could not detect what the origin of the scent was! But soon enough my salivary glands became excited but my legs led me to shopping.

I strolled into Zoo Emporium hoping to find a cute knitted jumper (remember the one I mentioned with deers and snow flakes?) but I was unlucky..there was a nice warm houndstooth knitted cardigan (oh it was a tad Chanel) but it was far too big for me and it has lots of yellow stains on it so I thought it best to leave it to the moths to dismantle. Then onto the adjacent stores, Puff 'n' Stuff has some lovely things but the women there were a bit snobby. I don't get that, why be snobby for? I guess they'd only be nice to me if I were a model or in a band..

I popped into Minty Meets Munt , I was welcomed by the booming psychedelic guitar reverb of Jimi Hendrix and the woman who assisting me was an absolute darl (nudge nudge Puff'n' Stuff) and we managed to have a great conversation and I found an adorable black tulip skirt from there. It's now on my "I want" list! Whisked myself into Cream On Crown hoping they'd have something to warm me up in winter but there was a sad rack of..well..not very much..apart from a rack full of faux fur jackets. Faux fur or fur jackets for that matter wouldn't suit me, so I had to pass on that..but I was advised that they were getting a whole lot of stock in today/tomorrow so I guess I was a tad early.

I did some more walking and headed to Paddington, this time I smelled spices too but there was a much more sweeter tone to the spices. One again I nearly drooled. My main aim was to visit the Alannah Hill store, I never get to go in there so I thought today was my day..then I see they are undergoing renevations until June 20th. Absolute bummer but I turned the corner to Stellino where I ended up buying a faux leather jacket (YES I KNOW I CONFORMED BUT WHEN I NEED SOMETHING WARM ON MY ARMS AND IM TOO PICKY WITH COATS AND CARDIGANS AREN'T ENOUGH WHAT ELSE COULD I DO??)
I opted for the faux leather because my mum recently turned vegetarian, so I kinda would feel a little guilty. My thoughts: The animals are staying warm (& alive!) if i choose faux leather and I'm keeping warm at the same time Plus, I'm pretty sure the leather bomber jacket look will be out pretty soon so why spend a lot?

Then I headed home and had a snooze on the bus. zzzzzz. I found no coats I liked, I had no luck with the cute knitted jumper but i did find a jacket. So I guess it was an ok effort, although next time I'll make sure I have a second opinion (or third!) because I am so indecisive.....

*Friday- Red Riders @ The Annandale (that reminds me..I still haven't bought a ticket *gulp* better do that pronto.
*Saturday- Ghoul are playing with Made In Japan and We Say Bamboulee @ Spectrum. I luuurve Ghoul. They have given me an audible-phenomenon-experience that I have never had before. The best way for me to describe it is like when you dive into a pool and the sound just dampens and spreads out and you just feel absolute calmness. Ok, that wasn't a good way to describe it..but it was an awesome experience!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday, the first day of the weekend.

So I have no uni and no work on Fridays. Except today I was meant to sit at home and do study - reason being I have an exam next week. But outside was beautiful and it wasn't freezing like it has been the past week, so I indulged in the sun and ate home made lasagne. Mmmm. But that was all after I put purple semi-permanent dye in my hair. You can only see it in the sun.

And I am learning how to tame my HOLGA.

Melbourne holga shot