Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need to be kind to theredsunband.

I am a complete idiot. Back in 2006 I went to GasWorks in Parramatta to see Dappled Cities (Fly), supported by theredsunband and Operator Please. I sat there during Operator Please and sucked up their new catchy pop tunes and I saw that these kids had amazing potential to be something big. Now they are. But during theredsunband's set I was too busy drinking and getting up to mischief by taking photos of my friends when they least expected it. I remember thinking that theredsunband were droaning, too boring for my liking. I guess being sandwiched in the set between two bands with fun but erratic pop tunes I couldn't grasp the dark and moody atmosphere projected from theredsunband's tracks, extracted from their debut album Peapod.

BUT it has taken me a few years to realise that I actually really like them. They had disappeared from the music scene for a while just after tracks from Peapod were on high-rotation on Triple J and after they were being raved about by just about everyone. But their comeback in late 2007 with their EP 'Like An Arrow' with a single of the same name saw them back on the menu of independent Sydney bands to watch and listen to. I saw them at the beginning of this year at Laneway Festival and I regret not paying more attention to their set. Firstly there was a modest crowd in The Basement which didn't really set the mood, and into the first few songs Sarah's guitar string snapped so there was that interruption in their play time which I think threw me off after a long day of running around and dancing to some of my favourite artists. I just wasn't feeling it or listening to them so I left mid-set and went home.

I'm smacking my head on the keyboard because lately I've been playing their tracks on their myspace tunes on repeat. I haven't yet listened to all of their new album released this month, The Shiralee, but I hope to. I also hope to see them live again with my full attention and to enjoy them. I know they am not one of those bands that share their musical experience better on cd than live in the flesh (as people have told me their live shows are great), so I'm anticipating their next gig of theirs that I attend. They aren't being raved about (again) for no reason..I regret bagging them out as 'boring' after I had only seen them play once because from what I have heard recently, their music is amazing. The track 'The Eagle' from "The Shiralee" is a powerful indie rock tune that I am a big big big fan of. I can't believed I missed them play this tune at Laneway this year.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keffiyehs are an annoying fashion fad.

There has been uproar lately over the styling of keffiyeh scarves (aka desert scarves) around people's necks in the western world. I personally don't like them especially after seeing them sported by celebrities and Australian idols early-2007, but to then see them in nearly every clothing store in the local shopping centre at the beginnning of 2008 just made me cringe. Then along came the predictive plethora of keffiyehs draped over everyone as i walk down the street, walk into uni, walk into my own house to see two of my brothers bought one in black and one in red. I did grill my brother everytime he wore it and i did state my point that it looks ridiculous and daggy and that my hands are wet and i want to use it as a tea towel.
But the thing that has made a lot of people upset is the fact that this fashion fad has been a Palestinian national symbol since the 1960s, indicative of masculinity (since only men initially wore them) and it has supposed terrorism connotations.

I know that attire with political or national symbolism come into fashion every now and then but this is one that I wish would vanish from street fashion because I can't stand the sight of them anymore. I read in an internet article that "fashionistas" are wearing the keffiyehs and have set off the trend, but the funny thing is that true fashionistas would most likely not wear a scarf like that. High-end fashion most certainly haven't supported the trend.

So unless you're a someone who is supporting Yasser Arafat and wears it around your head..i don't want to see you wearing a keffiyeh!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I like animals, especially FOALS

There are lyrics going through my head, over and over and over..

"We fly balloons on this fuel called, we fly balloons on this fuel called love"
"Cassius is over! Cassius away! Cassius these daydreams, these daydreams, okay!"

It's good to see a videoclip with indie kids who aren't afraid to dance. I love indie, but I love it even more when there is erratic dancing involved. And I like when there are pretty and obscure props involved too..such as in Foals' "Cassius" which is a videoclip that consists of lots of hearts (cow or sheep hearts I'm guessing) that hang from the ceilings on string..
These guys are fun, kind of geeky but very cute at the same time and the fact that it's a bit hard to understand what they are singing makes the fact that they are foreign (although they come from an English-speaking country) that much better. They score quite a few brownie points with me :)

This is the videoclip to their new single "Red Socks Pugie". The clip reminds me of the 70's/80's educational videos I've had to watch throughout my science education career, sitting in class watching vintage films of how the body works. The mushroom clouds they show in this clip are just phenomenal! The whole dated look to this clip has sucked me in. Another brownie point!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shootin' Video, part 2.

Done and dusted!
Some of my footage wasn't as great as I'd hoped (too bright in parts) and my audio tracks weren't great, but I think it turned out ok when I mixed it all up.

Just got to do a few presentation-ish things (like a DVD cover and menu, etc) and i'm on holidays.

Here's the video:
(Note: it should be in widescreen but sometimes doesn't. I find if you drag the time bar thing at the bottom to the start while its playing, it'll go to widescreen. It's weird!)

In other news, this Saturday's lineup is going to be the best indie pop show ever - Guy Blackman, The Crayon Fields and Songs. Be sure to attend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brownies, bike rides and booze..

MOUNTAIN KIDZ are the best kind of kids.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is one of the best television series I have ever seen. It is sweet, smart, cute and imaginative. For some reason Channel 9 haven't aired it yet, but Adam and I spent some nights last holidays engaging in a 'Pushing Daisies' marathon where we lie around his living room with our cups of tea, watching episodes until 3am haha. Can't wait until they release the new season of it!!
Awwww this pic is so super cute I want to cry..