Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keffiyehs are an annoying fashion fad.

There has been uproar lately over the styling of keffiyeh scarves (aka desert scarves) around people's necks in the western world. I personally don't like them especially after seeing them sported by celebrities and Australian idols early-2007, but to then see them in nearly every clothing store in the local shopping centre at the beginnning of 2008 just made me cringe. Then along came the predictive plethora of keffiyehs draped over everyone as i walk down the street, walk into uni, walk into my own house to see two of my brothers bought one in black and one in red. I did grill my brother everytime he wore it and i did state my point that it looks ridiculous and daggy and that my hands are wet and i want to use it as a tea towel.
But the thing that has made a lot of people upset is the fact that this fashion fad has been a Palestinian national symbol since the 1960s, indicative of masculinity (since only men initially wore them) and it has supposed terrorism connotations.

I know that attire with political or national symbolism come into fashion every now and then but this is one that I wish would vanish from street fashion because I can't stand the sight of them anymore. I read in an internet article that "fashionistas" are wearing the keffiyehs and have set off the trend, but the funny thing is that true fashionistas would most likely not wear a scarf like that. High-end fashion most certainly haven't supported the trend.

So unless you're a someone who is supporting Yasser Arafat and wears it around your head..i don't want to see you wearing a keffiyeh!


Anonymous said...

I agree and the reason I found your blog is because i am writing an assignment against their unthinking wearing and incorporation into western fashion BUT head designer for Balenciaga Nicolas Ghesquière used them in a recent season (fall 07). Maybe do a bit more reseach?

Anonymous said...

sorry *research*