Sunday, June 15, 2008

I like animals, especially FOALS

There are lyrics going through my head, over and over and over..

"We fly balloons on this fuel called, we fly balloons on this fuel called love"
"Cassius is over! Cassius away! Cassius these daydreams, these daydreams, okay!"

It's good to see a videoclip with indie kids who aren't afraid to dance. I love indie, but I love it even more when there is erratic dancing involved. And I like when there are pretty and obscure props involved too..such as in Foals' "Cassius" which is a videoclip that consists of lots of hearts (cow or sheep hearts I'm guessing) that hang from the ceilings on string..
These guys are fun, kind of geeky but very cute at the same time and the fact that it's a bit hard to understand what they are singing makes the fact that they are foreign (although they come from an English-speaking country) that much better. They score quite a few brownie points with me :)

This is the videoclip to their new single "Red Socks Pugie". The clip reminds me of the 70's/80's educational videos I've had to watch throughout my science education career, sitting in class watching vintage films of how the body works. The mushroom clouds they show in this clip are just phenomenal! The whole dated look to this clip has sucked me in. Another brownie point!


Lilith O. said...

Oh oh I love this!!

Peter said...

psst! nice blogspot. i like the sound of this band. perfect amount of indie kid. both videos are pretty cool. especially all that destruction to the beat :) i'll have investigate further