Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Use your flippers to get down!

So I've been off the radar for a little while, but that doesn't mean that I've been slack in the music department. I have successfully spent my whole day procrastinating from uni work and instead have been listening to music that I haven't heard before, as well as relistening to bands that I have discovered within the last two weeks. So today I have been blasting my music recommendations at people and they have been squealing (in excitement):

"Where do you find all of this great music!?"

Well if I told them that would give away my secret, wouldn't it now?

BUT my candidates for bands that have struck a chord (baha lame) with me lately are these jovial whipper snappers:

Philadelphia Grand Jury
These guys play entertaining and fun live shows without the glam-scenester look. Good to see there are boys who spend more time on their band practice than time polishing their leather shoes and leather jackets. The pre-recorded commentary in between tracks is very amusing and adds to the sense that the guy don't take themselves too seriously. They also put in the effort to come up to us and have a chat..brownie points!

Art vs Science
So everyone has heard their killer story about them being the hottest kids at Splendour, and yes, I have seen Splendour footage and they nearly blew off the roof. I witnessed their musicianship at OAF and they were very impressive with their dance-able tracks and instrumentals. 'Flippers' is just so catchy, how can you not bust a move to it?

The Middle East
I heard of these kids ages ago...I even wrote them down in my myspace list of music which usually records bands that i think are the bees knees. But i unfortunately forgot about them until a friend of mine mentioned them and I remembered they were on that music list. So i revisited them and have instantly fallen in love with the track "Blood". It's a dreamy song with soft vocals which transcend into an exuberant pinnacle of emotion. Just beautiful.

You Can Be A Wesley
I was at a friend's party, one of the kind where you just linger out the front of the house and sit in the gutter and chat to randoms. One such random was from America and taught us how to play beer pong. Then he filled me in with the details that he was in this band and I should give them a listen. So I did and I like their tunes, especially "Rearrange The Sea" and "Balloon Head". Cute pop that reminds me of beautiful relaxing Sundays.

Seán Brains
Seán Ainsworth is the 'brains' behind 'Seán Brains' and is a young Melburnian. He's a one man band with my favourite track being "She Wear The Breakup", a holiday-sounding number that catapults me onto a faraway island until you realise he's singing about a girl, one who obviously has pulled at his heart strings as he says "she has spiders in her hair/they're always spinning webs.../Oh I was so blind not to see what was going on". The beginning guitar lines of his track "Summer Takes Place" is slightly reminiscent (to me) of some of The Go-Betweens tracks, but WOO his tunes all differ with their individual personalities. As someone who compulsively changes a track before it is finished, I've found it hard not to listen to his tracks the whole way through. Hands down this kid has got something good going on.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My life so far

I decided I may still be unclear to some readers, so i've written a brief bio on my life.

Adam Lewis was born in the tropical island of Gomadina in the summer of 1987. The fourth son of one of the island's most respected wine merchants, he was hand-picked as one of "Gomadina's Child Prodigies" during his time at St. Randall's Pre-school, and placed in the prestigious Jack Clancy Memorial School for the duration of his lower education.

During his formative schooling years, Adam was bullied for an unsightly birthmark under his left eye. During one spring afternoon of 1994, he was shoved into a payphone box at the local mall. Lying on the ground with a bloody nose and injured spirits, he was comforted by the famous actor Ted Danson, on a promotional trip to Gomadina in support of his then-new film, "Getting Even With Dad". Danson gave Adam a piece of advice that would stick with him for the rest of his life: "Fortune favors the brave." Determined to succeed in life in spite of those around him, Adam thrust himself headfirst into his studies and two years later was awarded the Jackson Rivera award for excellence in literature for his short story "My Father and The Stairs".

However, tragedy struck soon after when he witnessed the tragic death of his surf instructor Brad Armstrong at the age of 15. Adam sunk into a deep depression that reached its climax in 2004 with his dramatic withdrawal from the Gomadina Math Cup, the nation's standard appraisal for higher education. Faced with an uncertain future, Adam moved to Australia to start anew, arriving with nothing but a backpack of knicknacks and dreams.

Shortly after his arrival, he gained casual work and lodgings as a the pool cleaner to the McDoyles, a rich family of oil traders in Sydney's northwest. Adam found love in their daughter Madeline, but this was torn apart by her father, who had previously promised her to the son of a fellow oil trader in Dubai. Heartbroken, he found himself alone on the streets of King's Cross when he was robbed and pushed into a phonebooth. As if from a higher power, Adam remembered the lessons given to him over a decade earlier by Ted Danson, and made the instant decision to pick himself up and thrust himself again into his work.

The next day, he applied for a position in the University of New South Wales' media course, and began in 2006. He was wildly successful, being awarded the Heinrich Kurt award in 2007 for his short film "Let Tomorrow Break Today" and becoming lead hall monitor in the Webster building from 2007-2008. He also began work at FBi, a popular talkback radio station, and became known throughout the independent music community for his unwavering belief in the power of dance and distortion, and constant promotion of obscure Melbourne bands. This lifestyle was completed in 2008 with his commencement at Apple, a technology company based in Cupertino, California who are best known for product lines such as the iDesk, the PortaMac and the Newton.
Though the trails of his future are still yet to be traversed, it is clear from Adam's already remarkable life that he is destined to be kind of a big deal. As a great man once said, "fortune favours the brave", and throughout his youth and young adulthood Adam Lewis has proven himself to be brave beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

Checking in

I should be in a blogging habit, but lately, i'm not.

So i'm checking in. Hi blog.

Since last post, I now work for apple and am in the middle of a BRUTAL semester. I'm having a great time, but that time is in short supply. But here's the things I should've posted about.


Seriously guys?


Since when do amazing bands come out of castle hill?

3) Unexpected post-uni beers with friends is the best thing. Ever.

4) Nick Cave's ATP had better come to Sydney or i'll be grumpy (and travelling)

5) I should be writing another script for uni, not writing blogs. Bye pals! Visit me at apple store sometime, if i'm not there you'll still be in a gorgeous building surrounded by macs and smiles.