Saturday, September 6, 2008

Checking in

I should be in a blogging habit, but lately, i'm not.

So i'm checking in. Hi blog.

Since last post, I now work for apple and am in the middle of a BRUTAL semester. I'm having a great time, but that time is in short supply. But here's the things I should've posted about.


Seriously guys?


Since when do amazing bands come out of castle hill?

3) Unexpected post-uni beers with friends is the best thing. Ever.

4) Nick Cave's ATP had better come to Sydney or i'll be grumpy (and travelling)

5) I should be writing another script for uni, not writing blogs. Bye pals! Visit me at apple store sometime, if i'm not there you'll still be in a gorgeous building surrounded by macs and smiles.

1 comment:

zoharara said...

Haha yeh its pretty odd about Parades! Originally when i heard they were from castle hill i was thinking.."the only music that comes out of my suburb is bad punk/emo/hardcore/blah blah blah.
Three clicks for PARADES!