Saturday, December 27, 2008

Bear & I.

A friend of mine is bloody good at the guitar. He has a beautiful Gretsch! Even better he can play the banjo and a range of interesting instruments. But I've never heard him sing, that was, until today when he told me he put up a demo under the band name of 'Bear And I'.

Bear And I

I have listened to his demo over and over and it's getting lodged into my head. Open your ears and take a listen. It's only a rough demo but I think it's brilliant.

Bear & I

Saturday, November 8, 2008

A brief history of time..(err COYH's timeline in the history of Zohara)

It's been nearly 2 months since I last blogged and over that distance many a time I have thought about blogging but haven't been sure what detail to include in writing. Sure, I've known WHO to write about but haven't known WHAT to write. So since I'm stuck at home with a suspect chest infection, I have decided to sit and get this blog done, otherwise I will probably explode. KABLAM!

Ok, so I've wanted to blog about Cut Off Your Hands. They are one of my favourite bands, and even though I'd like to label them as Australian, our dearest neighbours (of the New Zealand variety) need some sort of recognition. The first I had heard of this band was when they were formally known as 'Shaky Hands'. I'm not going to go into why their changed their name because every other blog or interview featuring COYH will go through that, but what I will say is that I have been drawn to these guys since I heard their tunes in the courtyard of the Abercrombie Hotel during a Purple Sneakers night back in September 2006. I could not see the boys but the music skimmed over the heads of a mass of people who had turned up to dance and perhaps to see this new and exciting New Zealand band. Let's just say I was smitten by the music and so were the majority of the courtyard. Next thing I know I'm hitting Candy's Apartment in March 2007 to attend BOOM BOOM MEGA BOOM where COYH (they changed their name by then) were playing alongside The Ghosts (now Ghostwood), Bridezilla, The Holidays and The Hate Game. Those were the good ol' times of Candy's Apartment. Sigh. But anyway, at that gig their music hit me extra hard, especially when my friend screamed "I LOVE THIS SONG" when "You & I" came on. All of a sudden I was educated and down with the sound of COYH and wouldn't go back. Their energy grabbed me, Nick's frontman antics amused and allured me, and their danceable pop tunes were irresistable. It's funny to see photos from early last year, the boys had long hair and they look markedly younger!

Moving along, I ran out and bought their EP 'Cut Off Your Hands' which was under the artist name of Shaky Hands. The EP is just gold. It's the kind of album that would make you pulsate in unusual bodily movements of dance.

I got to see them later in the year when they played at Spectrum, whilst teenagersintokyo were playing I was sitting near the staircase and got introduced to Michael, I said hi but I'm painstakingly shy sometimes when it comes to musicians because I usually embarrass myself. I perhaps should have some sort of filter on my mouth but instead I just be polite and don't end up saying much. But of course a bit of alcohol lets me relax and I can pretty comfortably have a conversation. The boys later came on and had matching shirts and Nick was jumping, ramming and spitting on people. It was pretty fun. Although I ended up on the floor when he decided to stage dive and everyone moved out of the way except me, where next thing I know I'm facing the ceiling and he's wriggling around the floor like a bug on its back, singing with microphone in hand and all. That gig was great, I just remember having so much fun. That was just after they had released their EP 'Blue On Blue' with adorable songs of young love such as 'Oh Girl' and 'Still Fond'. Those songs make me swoon. Then COYH appeared in The Brag (the front cover is still on my wall), Drum Media and 'Blue on Blue' was being mentioned nearly everywhere. I must say, the choice of 2 covers to 'Blue on Blue' in either red or blue with differing braille (that spelled out either 'Blue on Blue' or 'Cut Off Your Hands' respectively) was just genius.

They were then meant to come back to Australia in December in 2007 which I was anticipating but unfortunately Nick took an 18ft dive in the UK and fractured some bones. Ouch. So The Scare played instead. It was another few months until they returned to us in July at Oxford Art Factory with new tunes in hand and everyone except me ended up going; uni committments can be a total pain in the ass at the times when one of your favourite international bands turns up after a year of being away! But at around the same time I took up writing as a 'Backstage Blogger' for Levity and COYH happen to be the other guest bloggers for the month which I was pretty happy about, although they totally stole my spotlight in The Brag when an exerpt of one of the backstage blogs featured everyweek. I managed to get my blog in on the first week (but that was only because they hadn't submitted any blogs yet, but after that they took that column. It's justifiable though..they were the ones on tour doing fun things whereas I was the "gig-pig" who wrote about some mundane happenings in the music scene in Sydney as opposed to their trip to Japan. Trips to Japan win over talking about I have no hard feelings haha. I turned up to Levity Nights during the month of my Backstage Blogger ramblings and saw Philadelphia Grand Jury (which was AWESOME!) but COYH were the guest DJs and it turned out to be a pretty fun night. Talk about sardines in a can, Hotel Hollywood was buzzing and we were loving every minute of it.

I smiled again when I heard they were coming back to play a gig, this time, at the Gaelic Club on November 6th. Once again..uni committments came up..but Speak and Spell ran a 25 words or less competition to score a ticket to attend their gig. It was pretty much like a coin toss..if I win I go, If I don't win I get to stay at home and finish my assessments. I structured my words well enough and won so I skipped to the Gaelic after work and a one hour bus ride to catch the gig just before the boys got onto the stage. It was an interesting crowd this time, lots of new faces (I notice these kinds of things) as people have been drawn into their music as of late thanks to their debut album "You and I" featuring the single "Expectations" and some other familiar tunes from the previous EPs and some new electrifying gems such as 'Happy as Can Be' which is such an uplifting song.The album is taaaaasty!

It was great to see them under the lights again (this time without matching outfits..awww) but what was new was an additional drum located next to Nick's microphone and he bashed away at it. It was pretty be honest I wanted to jump up and steal his drums sticks and have a go myself. It definitely added something new and exciting to their live performance. Brent seemed to be working hard but still having fun on the drumkit, Phil's cheeks must have hurt from all the smiling he was doing (probably because he had a mass of people at his feet who were getting go of their inhibitions and were totally kicking it out). One of the most interesting images embedded in my memory is of Michael who was playing the guitar on the left of the stage infront of me..he was leaning forward when he was playing and the lights hit him at a particular angle that allowed me to see the silhouette of his jade/green stone Maori pendant for just a second before the image disappeared behind his cotton shirt once the positioning of the lighting and his body changed.
There was stage diving, lots of singing along, suspectedly young-looking people who jumped on stage after Nick's cue and it was all so bad-ass with one security guard at the stage trying to pull off and control about 20 people who jumped on stage. I laughing seeing his frustration since it isn't very often that the security guards can't take control of these situations at gigs. But anyway, COYH delivered some slower songs that allowed us to cool down a bit under the fans. But we all went nuts again when they came back with the encore and played "Shark Attack" by another great NZ band, Split Enz". I noticed something different between this gig and the one I saw of them ealier at Spectrum: this time Nick didn't spit and although he still stage dived he apologised if he had hurt anyone. It's good to see a band with manners!

Well well well..I have a forensics science/forensic law exam to do tomorrow so I should probably stop reminiscing and start dreaming.
Wow scrolling up that is a scarily long blog about a band..but I guess it's all just accumulated over the months...

Signing out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Use your flippers to get down!

So I've been off the radar for a little while, but that doesn't mean that I've been slack in the music department. I have successfully spent my whole day procrastinating from uni work and instead have been listening to music that I haven't heard before, as well as relistening to bands that I have discovered within the last two weeks. So today I have been blasting my music recommendations at people and they have been squealing (in excitement):

"Where do you find all of this great music!?"

Well if I told them that would give away my secret, wouldn't it now?

BUT my candidates for bands that have struck a chord (baha lame) with me lately are these jovial whipper snappers:

Philadelphia Grand Jury
These guys play entertaining and fun live shows without the glam-scenester look. Good to see there are boys who spend more time on their band practice than time polishing their leather shoes and leather jackets. The pre-recorded commentary in between tracks is very amusing and adds to the sense that the guy don't take themselves too seriously. They also put in the effort to come up to us and have a chat..brownie points!

Art vs Science
So everyone has heard their killer story about them being the hottest kids at Splendour, and yes, I have seen Splendour footage and they nearly blew off the roof. I witnessed their musicianship at OAF and they were very impressive with their dance-able tracks and instrumentals. 'Flippers' is just so catchy, how can you not bust a move to it?

The Middle East
I heard of these kids ages ago...I even wrote them down in my myspace list of music which usually records bands that i think are the bees knees. But i unfortunately forgot about them until a friend of mine mentioned them and I remembered they were on that music list. So i revisited them and have instantly fallen in love with the track "Blood". It's a dreamy song with soft vocals which transcend into an exuberant pinnacle of emotion. Just beautiful.

You Can Be A Wesley
I was at a friend's party, one of the kind where you just linger out the front of the house and sit in the gutter and chat to randoms. One such random was from America and taught us how to play beer pong. Then he filled me in with the details that he was in this band and I should give them a listen. So I did and I like their tunes, especially "Rearrange The Sea" and "Balloon Head". Cute pop that reminds me of beautiful relaxing Sundays.

Seán Brains
Seán Ainsworth is the 'brains' behind 'Seán Brains' and is a young Melburnian. He's a one man band with my favourite track being "She Wear The Breakup", a holiday-sounding number that catapults me onto a faraway island until you realise he's singing about a girl, one who obviously has pulled at his heart strings as he says "she has spiders in her hair/they're always spinning webs.../Oh I was so blind not to see what was going on". The beginning guitar lines of his track "Summer Takes Place" is slightly reminiscent (to me) of some of The Go-Betweens tracks, but WOO his tunes all differ with their individual personalities. As someone who compulsively changes a track before it is finished, I've found it hard not to listen to his tracks the whole way through. Hands down this kid has got something good going on.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

My life so far

I decided I may still be unclear to some readers, so i've written a brief bio on my life.

Adam Lewis was born in the tropical island of Gomadina in the summer of 1987. The fourth son of one of the island's most respected wine merchants, he was hand-picked as one of "Gomadina's Child Prodigies" during his time at St. Randall's Pre-school, and placed in the prestigious Jack Clancy Memorial School for the duration of his lower education.

During his formative schooling years, Adam was bullied for an unsightly birthmark under his left eye. During one spring afternoon of 1994, he was shoved into a payphone box at the local mall. Lying on the ground with a bloody nose and injured spirits, he was comforted by the famous actor Ted Danson, on a promotional trip to Gomadina in support of his then-new film, "Getting Even With Dad". Danson gave Adam a piece of advice that would stick with him for the rest of his life: "Fortune favors the brave." Determined to succeed in life in spite of those around him, Adam thrust himself headfirst into his studies and two years later was awarded the Jackson Rivera award for excellence in literature for his short story "My Father and The Stairs".

However, tragedy struck soon after when he witnessed the tragic death of his surf instructor Brad Armstrong at the age of 15. Adam sunk into a deep depression that reached its climax in 2004 with his dramatic withdrawal from the Gomadina Math Cup, the nation's standard appraisal for higher education. Faced with an uncertain future, Adam moved to Australia to start anew, arriving with nothing but a backpack of knicknacks and dreams.

Shortly after his arrival, he gained casual work and lodgings as a the pool cleaner to the McDoyles, a rich family of oil traders in Sydney's northwest. Adam found love in their daughter Madeline, but this was torn apart by her father, who had previously promised her to the son of a fellow oil trader in Dubai. Heartbroken, he found himself alone on the streets of King's Cross when he was robbed and pushed into a phonebooth. As if from a higher power, Adam remembered the lessons given to him over a decade earlier by Ted Danson, and made the instant decision to pick himself up and thrust himself again into his work.

The next day, he applied for a position in the University of New South Wales' media course, and began in 2006. He was wildly successful, being awarded the Heinrich Kurt award in 2007 for his short film "Let Tomorrow Break Today" and becoming lead hall monitor in the Webster building from 2007-2008. He also began work at FBi, a popular talkback radio station, and became known throughout the independent music community for his unwavering belief in the power of dance and distortion, and constant promotion of obscure Melbourne bands. This lifestyle was completed in 2008 with his commencement at Apple, a technology company based in Cupertino, California who are best known for product lines such as the iDesk, the PortaMac and the Newton.
Though the trails of his future are still yet to be traversed, it is clear from Adam's already remarkable life that he is destined to be kind of a big deal. As a great man once said, "fortune favours the brave", and throughout his youth and young adulthood Adam Lewis has proven himself to be brave beyond anyone's wildest expectations.

Checking in

I should be in a blogging habit, but lately, i'm not.

So i'm checking in. Hi blog.

Since last post, I now work for apple and am in the middle of a BRUTAL semester. I'm having a great time, but that time is in short supply. But here's the things I should've posted about.


Seriously guys?


Since when do amazing bands come out of castle hill?

3) Unexpected post-uni beers with friends is the best thing. Ever.

4) Nick Cave's ATP had better come to Sydney or i'll be grumpy (and travelling)

5) I should be writing another script for uni, not writing blogs. Bye pals! Visit me at apple store sometime, if i'm not there you'll still be in a gorgeous building surrounded by macs and smiles.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scribbled notes from a bus-ride.

I'm on the excruciating one-hour bus ride home after a day at uni, lucky I have my Ipod on me otherwise my selection of music would be the either 'Sweet Home Alabama' repeatedly on 101.7fm from the bus's radio or the electro-house beats radiating from some dudes head phones behind me. Today is Wednesday- Wednesdays at my uni are the days when bands come at lunchtime and play in our small bar. Over the last 4 semesters bands have been entertaining us in-between lectures for free (woo woo thanks to the Union!) We have had Mercy Arms, Ghostwood, Operator Please (they had the biggest crowd turn up on record), Dash and Will, Nathan Hudson, Luke Steel, Cuthbert and The Nightwalkers, Lover, Children Collide, Expatriate and last week Magic Dirt played, summoning an enthusiastic crowd who moshed to their new and old tunes. 1 in the afternoon is way too early for me to get dancing or into the mood to mosh so I just skimmed the sidelines of the bar and tapped my foot and nodded my head from a safe distance. Today Andy Bull played before Little Red at my uni bar and his style has obvious funk influences and he had the soul vibe going on too. His voice is presented in a high register which makes him sound different to what I expected but he was backed with a drummer, bassist and 3-piece brass band comprised of a saxophonist, trumpeter and trombone-player which was quite impressive. He's not my usual taste and right now I'm listening to his recorded tracks but I don't think it entirely gives him enough credit because the band live were very entertaining and I enjoyed his set quite a bit. Following him were Little Red who were pretty relaxed but seemed to be enjoying themselves immensely whilst they were draped with leis that were randomly being handed out around campus. My foot didn't stop tapping the whole time and I actually enjoyed them more in the relaxed setting of my university bar more than when they supported Vampire Weekend a few weeks back.

Andy Bull

Yesterday I turned up to Oxford Art Factory at 5pm and joined the long queue of people to see Death Cab For Cutie for a Myspace live show that was broadcasted across the internet all over the world. Like lemmings me all streamed into the gallery to access the main room via the back entrance adjacent to the bathrooms and as my friend and I shuffled closer and closer towards the door with the current three people in front of us were halted and told that the main room was now at full capacity and we had to sit in the gallery and watch through the window or view Death Cab on the projector. A wave a disappointment came over me and I didn't know whether to be angry or deflated. But my friend Peter was persistent to get in so he and I both said to the guard that we needed to leave the gallery to head into the bathrooms..which we did, but a few minutes later we waltzed right into the main room and another security guard just let us through! So I felt like I hadn't wasted my time and felt a bit naughty for 'sneaking' in..but knowing me if my friend hadn't lead the way I would have been a big push-over and would have sat in the gallery fuming. Take that..I still got through to the main room!!

•Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin- this Missouri band have been around for a few years but I melt to their pop tunes such as 'Oregon Girl'.
•I've had some of Sparkadia's new tunes stuck in my head this week.
•'Young Bride' by Midlake. Mmmm!
•My friend sent me this's about music nerds and I think he was trying to hint that I have some connection to this comic:
•I spotted some street art in Sydney the other day! In Omnibus Lane right near Ultimo Tafe some amazing people have decorated the walls.

Street Art in Omnibus Ln

•MGMT tickets sold out in well-under a minute! Booohoo.
•My camera batteries decided to die on me during Death Cab For Cutie and kept flashing "BATTERY DEPLETED".
...I don't have much negative to say this week :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Levity Blog #3: Big parties and big red carpets.

Red carpets..they have so much appeal. Celebrities, musicians, actors, models and the VIP of the entertainment industry pose on the crimson walkway and I'm sure many people dream of stepping foot onto it to share some of the limelight with their idols. I've been on a red carpet once..back in july last year, my friend and I made sure we turned up fashionably late because it would have been embarrassing for us to walk on the red carpet while there were photographers and important people around us. The main reason: because we were neither musicians, journalists, actors, models or any form of celebrity. We were there to see Starky play their penultimate show. We shyly approached Crystal Bar in Martin Place with wobbling heels and goose-bumped skin, shuffling on the red carpet to an audience of none, apart from the door girls and guys who checked us off the list and pointed us towards Ray Ban's 70th Birthday Party. We entered the party and dropped off our coats and instantly recognised some faces, a Red Rider, Joel Edgerton, James Matheson, Gareth Moody, Saskia Burmeister, Rai Thistlewaite amongst the room of fellow celebrities. We nibbled on the amazing canapes, ate quality battered chips and calamari out of cute chinese noodle boxes and sipped on a few glasses of bubbly to shy away our red faces. By the time the bubbly had us under the influence Starky came on stage, delivering an energetic performance along with their single "Hey Bang Bang" which was nominated for and ARIA award in the category of "Breakthrough Artist 2006". My friend and I left soon after Starky finished performing, deciding that we had a fulfilling night and our timidness wouldn't have helped us mingle with the Ray Ban party crowd. But I was young and naïve! I'd certainly stick around, sipping more bubbly and mingling if the opportunity were to arise again.

That opportunity nearly arose again when this year after a few beers with a friend he asked me to be his date to a music awards event. As you can imagine I was very excited to be asked to attend such an event with familiar faces of artists who I avidly listen to and regularly hear about. I also saw it as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and didn't want to appear overly enthusiastic with the invite so I didn't nag him too much for details. I called my so-called 'date' on the afternoon of the event to check the time of arrival thinking the award was to be presented that night..he then informed me it had already been held that morning and that he had "forgotten" to tell me the details of the event. Ouch. For your information his band didn't win the award anyway..

The next big red carpet event for the music industry is the ARIA awards with industry insiders paying $395-$495 for tickets which includes a three-course meal, unlimited alcohol and non-alcoholic drinks (or until too drunk to be served), red-carpet entry and passes to the after-party. I can imagine many people would be itching to attend for the experience and to rub shoulders with some of the ARIA contenders such as The Presets, Gyroscope and Cut Copy..some people itching enough that they are going to pay $445 for industry gold tickets- some of my friends who work in the music industry are going to empty their pockets and their piggy banks to go. But i wonder how much of a strain it is for some independent musicians to cough up a few hundred to fund their attendance. Most indepedent musicians have day-jobs to pay and maintain the equipment they need for their band, touring and recording and it doesn't come cheap either. 2007 AMP music award winners The Mess Hall know all about that when they confessed that during the recording of their latest album, Devil's Elbow, they were living on tinned food as well as the dole- not exactly living the luxury life. Still it's all about the experience isn't it? But I would certainly drink up $445 worth of alcohol if I were to attend and see Connie Mitchell in a plastic dress again doing her robotic dance moves/poses..mind you, I wouldn't be drinking in celebration. Nevertheless I can imagine it would be a fun and unforgettable night. Is it an easy prediction to say that Faker will be nominated for their single 'This Heart Attack'? After the exhaustive radio play they have had it is inevitable that they will at least get a nomination.

•MGMT and Wolf Parade have announced their hitting our shores later this year!
•'The Gardner' by The Tallest Man On Earth and trying to sing with his Swedish accent after a few too many vodka-lemon-limes.
•The Boat People- charming Brisbane pop band with sweet tunes and sweet cardigans.

•4am RAGE with death metal/hardcore artists with weird growling vocals, weird eyeliner, weird hair and weird piercings. Weird.
•'Shake It' by Metro Station- Hurt me before I have to hear those whinging vocals again that sound like those boys have just hit puberty..they aim to lure in teenage girls with these lyrics: "I'll take you home if you don't leave me at the front door/ Your body's cold, but girl we're getting so warm/And I was thinking of ways that I could get inside ". Ewwww.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Blog #2 for Levity: Splendorous!

This past week we have had creative people with instruments in hand arrive on our shores. These people have given live music in Australia that boost of excitement, with bands such as Sigur Ros, Band of Horses, Vampire Weekend, The Fratellis, Devo, Cold War Kids, Tokyo Police Club, Laura Marling and New Young Pony Club as a handful of the most anticipated bands to catch while they are down under. Most of these bands have also held side shows too and if you are like me and didn't get to road trip up to Byron Bay, the side shows were easier to fit around a busy schedule. Being a poor uni student I managed to see one of these side-shows on Monday at the Metro where Vampire Weekend charmed the pants off everyone, not literally though and I'm glad about it because I think it is rather distasteful when people throw their underwear on stage- reminiscent of Jason Mraz at The Forum 2006 when a woman and a man took off their hopefully unsoiled undergarments and catapulted it onto the stage. Jason was slightly amused but grossed out by it. I can just imagine the chaffing the man would have felt on the bus ride home..ewww.
Back to Vampire Weekend though..they were supported by Little Red who have received a great deal of praise for their short 60's pop and rock 'n' roll infused tunes off their debut album 'Listen To Little Red'. I have heard and read nothing but good news about these cats. The crowd at the Metro were very inviting when they came on stage and as soon as they began people were jittering and some were jiving as they played a musical-chairs-like game with their lead vocalists, rotating regularly and harmonising together. I didn't feel like I was in the 21st century, and I realised more suitable attire would have been a big polka dot dress, ponytail and scarf around my neck. I have seen Little Red before and it is hard to stand there without tapping a foot or two. Then Vampire Weekend graced the stage and the crowd erupted in excitement, cheering and wolf-whistling and they started with "Mansard Roof" which was a fun sing-a-long. Vampire Weekend have this boyish charisma that ooze out of them especially from the lead singer, Ezra Koenig, who shared multiple smiles all around and seemed delighted to be in Australia. It's hard for a few people to accept they are from New York since they seem like they hail from the UK but once Ezra greeted the audience with his American accent it was evident that they were not a British band at all. They cheerfully played through their entire debut album tracklist of afro-pop with three new tracks as well and their bassist was cheerful too, dancing as he played. It would have been next to impossible to not ingest the happy atmosphere and leave there feeling like they were as good live as they are on CD. As for the other Splendour side-shows I missed out on Sigur Ros which I heard was amazing and a friend of mine went to Band of Horses, informing me mid-set that he was close to tears because they were so impressive.

So now that it is post-Splendour the other festivals to look forward to in Australia are The Great Escape and Big Day Out. But I have heard some news from a little birdy..supposedly The Great Escape has been canned due to poor ticket sales. Ouch. The lineup was pretty impressive with Conor Oberst and The Mystic Valley Band, Ladytron, Joan as Police Woman, The New Pornographers and We Are Scientists as the top international acts for this festival. It is disappointing that, if this is true, that another chance to see some great bands from overseas as well as some of the best locals bands will be sent back home. The Great Escape Festival also offered free camping with every ticket that was sold. This reminds me of Playground Weekender which did go ahead but had poor ticket sales, free tickets were being handed out desperately so people would show up. What has happened that has caused people to become disinterested in festivals like this but festivals such as Big Day Out still sell-out? It's a mystery to me.


•Bourke St Bakery- I visited there yesterday and bought a delightful strawberry and creme brulee tart, it contained real vanilla bean seeds and they were playing MGMT while I was ordering my dessert. Amazing food and great music playing while they are at work..I wish I worked there.
•Feist's 'The Reminder'- It's been out for a while but I love this album. I played it while I hosted a tea party and when I clean the house.
•Jack Ladder on "Good Day New York"- Jack had a chat to the female host before he performed "Love Is Gone", where the woman was short in comparison and with a strong American accent where Jack is tall and is a pretty quiet guy. The awkwardness of the conversation was enough to make me giggle but it's good to see the Hopetoun regular in the spotlight although I can imagine Kerry Anne wouldn't be calling him up for an appearance when he gets back.


•Ian Curtis' Gravestone-I know it's old news but I think it is ridiculous that someone stole his gravestone. I can just imagine the jerk showing his/her friends the prized-stolen-possession and getting punched for it.
•The 'shock' of one of The Veronicas nude photos that leaked on the net- It was evident from their first single that they aren't sugar coated and have no talent. Lame lame lame.
•I can't escape The Living End's new single "White Noise". It's on in the bus, on the tv, on in my brother's room. I used to love TLE, I even covered my school folder in a poster i made that represented the album cover of 'Modern Artillery', but I'm not connecting with their new music although everyone else seems to be. Perhaps I'm being uptight. Perhaps I have to remind myself that Chris Cheney is one of Australia's best guitarists and that TLE are really good live..
•As good as Vampire Weekend were I had to stand on my tippy-toes the whole time, stuck in a crevice behind the two tallest guys at the gig. I rocked side-to-side to get a view of the stage. Where is the gallantry?

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Blog #1 For Levity: The End of Indie in Sydney?


So this is what I’ve heard a few people shouting out lately, ok..they weren’t exactly ‘shouting’ but they were prophesising what seems to be an apocalyptic ending to the beloved and rather creative music scene in one of Australia’s best cities (let’s not start on the ‘Australia’s BEST city: Sydney vs Melbourne’ argument). I think the idea that it’s near its end is pretty ridiculous but I think there are reasons for such suggestions and predictions:

Reason 1) Some people believe that independent music has lost some of it’s appeal.
This could be due to the current trends in music that are becoming tedious, predictable and past their time. Who knows. Or it could also be a reaction to neglect as a consequence of some of Sydney’s favourite bands who have been on hiatus over the past year recording albums (eg Mercy Arms) or venturing overseas (eg teenagersintokyo, Ghostwood), popping up for some quick gigs and then disappearing just as fast as they sell-out of their tickets. A prime example is Dappled Cities who left us last year to embark on an adventure in the USA after their truly wonderful double-headliner with Red Riders at The Metro-I had never seen so many girls at an indie gig scream in hysteria whilst clinging to their balloons that flaunted the words ‘I LOVE YOU’. I guess it was, after all, all ages. But those arduous six months that they were away flew by and the Dappled boys returned to us in late 2007, coming back to play across two nights and Oxford Art Factory where the sold-out second night sat on Valentine’s Day. They made all in attendance forget their singledom and presented some new tasty material as well as an emotional adieu to their drummer Hugh Boyce. Now the boys with a new drummer in tow are away again (hibernating!) to record for their new album. However they secured their appeal to Sydney last month when they impressed everyone at the Annandale when they decided to dress-up for the occasion in elaborate coats, hats, feathers and knickerbockers handing them the image of older century nautical captains. Except Ned, he was dressed as a tiger.

Dappled Cities

Perhaps the ‘loss of appeal’ that some are feeling is also due to the fact that over the past year there hasn’t been a vast array of fresh faces or names gracing our stages that we haven’t heard of before; of course we love the old faces but the familiar lineups have been becoming somewhat tiresome. This is where we can congratulate some recent support bands that have surprised us- such as Newcastle’s ‘Bear At The Door’ who seemed to make a pretty handsome impression on the audience at the previous said Dappled Cities Annandale gig. I think we should begin our excitement because I have a feeling there are new fun and talented bands coming up that will sweep us off our feet and reinforce that there is still appeal in Sydney’s independent music scene and that Cassette Kids aren’t the only ‘recently new’ band around.

Reason 2) Some people think indie is becoming too “mainstream”.
Perhaps this reason is a result of some Sydney bands who have recently had some exposure in the “mainstream” market, such as Bridezilla who have been hailed in Sunday Life and the like for their novel music with classical qualities at their delicate age, and being named amongst the “bands to watch in 2008” in the 2007 ARIA newspaper liftout. Perhaps it was because some of Sydney’s darlings, namely The Holidays and teenagersintokyo, have scored play on television advertisements with ‘Telephone’ featuring as the music for a Clearasil ad and teenagersintokyo’s ‘End It Tonight’ for Carefree panty liners. But really it is nothing to worry about and it is a bit of paranoia, although people are supposedly catching onto indie music, converting from the mainstream through word of mouth or by seeing an independent Sydney band support an international artist. Some people I know have approached me and have said “some friends and I are thinking of getting into indie music, lots of people are doing it right now”, this was coming from people who used to say “Indian music? You’re into Indian music!?” or those people who would tease me (and still do) by saying “You only like music that no one has ever heard of and if that music gets slightly popular you automatically hate it. You’re such a music snob”. But I think people are allowed to like the music they like but just as long as they don’t think they look ‘cool’ because ‘everyone else’ is getting into it.


Reason 3) “Indie bands care more about the way they look than what their music sounds like.”
Hmm..well at least with this reason they identified that it is pretty common to find indie bands that have impeccable fashion sense. Of course not all bands are fashionistas but I think people who care about presentation get a tick in my books. At least if the music doesn’t sound good the way they present themselves is a bit of compensation.
But in honesty I think those reasons for the minor amount of people turning their back on Sydney’s independent music or thinking that it is on the verge of extinction is lame. They should get their ass to a gig and stop being such old prudes.

•Visual art mixing with music- I’m a big fan of the murals by fine Australian artists at OAF gallery. Kill Pixie is featured there right now, go have a look!
•“Wet Winter Holiday” by Philadelphia Grand Jury (band formerly known as The Sweats)
•Straight Arrows live gigs- Those kids perform fun and energetic live performances and they don’t take themselves too seriously either.
•2008 Sydney Biennale-It’s great to see the celebration of art in Sydney.
•Foals- Art school drop outs who have created magnetizing music and intriguing videoclips.
•A friend of a friend told The Teenagers when they were here the other month that they are (quote) “a fad”.

•The Teenagers gig at OAF-For a sold-out 18+ event there were too many under 18’s to count. The Teenagers encouraged girls to jump on stage during the set, resulting in squealing girls to pose for photos with the musicians to post onto their myspace accounts.
•People smoking marijuana on ‘Super Thursday’ at The Domain for WYD- I was finding my way around the maze of barricades during my gallery hopping for the Biennale to pass the mass of pilgrims to smell that some were smoking joints. I think the Pope would have been mortified to know that his pilgrims were smoking pot in celebration of WYD.

I hope you kids like my photos I included..
Until next time lovelies! x

Monday, July 28, 2008

Live export of Australian sheep/ Kill Pixie.

YEN magazine today attracted my attention to the live exporting of Australian sheep to the Middle East so they can be slaughtered the 'Halal' way. I have read about this before but reading about it again is a reminder of how Australian sheep are being mistreated. The sheep endure horrendous conditions on the weeks it takes for them to be transported overseas and thousands of them die on the journey due to heat exhaustion and disease to name a few. Not only that, but the sheep are also inhumanely treated when they arrive in the Middle East and it is ridiculous that the Australian Government is pouring millions into exporting live sheep over there to be treated like they have no feelings, no if they aren't even living. It is disgusting to know that although we have Halal slaughterers here who have to follow guidelines on how animals can be treated here, once the animals arrive overseas the laws aren't the same and the animals are handled and abused in horrific ways before and during their slaughter. Usually I rather not read these sort of stories about animal cruelty because it upsets me (especially with the stories of the dancing bears) but this one keeps popping up and I find it distressing.
What the hell is wrong with the Australian Government that they can allow something like this to happen? A better alternative is to slaughter the animals (the Halal way) within the guidelines that the laws here have set out to avoid the mistreatment and stress of the animals, resulting in the preparation of food here where it is frozen and sent to the Middle East. They deserve a death within legal regulations and as humanely as possible.
It is also disgusting to hear that our beautiful Australian sheep are being treated this way :( To help you can sign a petition on the following website that will address this disgusting trade to Kevin Rudd. This story almost makes me want to turn vegetarian.

On a lighter note, I recently have visited Oxford Art Factory (surprise, surprise!) to see a large mural by artist Kill Pixie who recently has been getting quite a lot of attention with his work being shown in China Heights Gallery and mentioned in YEN magazine just to name a few. I am a fan of his contemporary art as he experiments with interesting concepts and figures.

Monday, July 14, 2008


Here's some things I uncovered from (i think) the year 2000.

Which means I was 13 at the time.

Pepsi Choose Your Music

Around 2000 as well, Pepsi had a promotion in which you could create YOUR OWN CD, which was huge because burners were pretty expensive.

From memory you just had to redeem some codes from bottles/cans on the internet, pick your songs, and enter your address.

This is what I got a few weeks later, because I was so subversive:


1. 28 Days - Sucker
2. The Living End - Prisoner Of Society
3. Alex Lloyd - Lucky Star
4. (some very late 90s electronic kinda thing that i cant for the life of me remember)
5. Bodyjar - Not The Same

Adam's Stuff #1

This one comes from the 00/01 summer holidays. I just got my burner for christmas (or maybe my 14th birthday), as well as a new webcam, and so my 13/14 year old self made this epic:

I dont care what you haters say, apart from a few things (especially Frenzal Rhomb and my ill-fated attempt to get into that "linkin park" band all my friends were hot for), that mix cd is incredible.

Judging from his cd, At The Drive-In saved my sheltered bible belt life. Thanks guys.

Friday, July 11, 2008

The Acoustics of International Gems.

Recently I've been listening to some international bands..I usually adapt my taste to the local Sydney bands but I'm finding beauty, lullaby, power, sanctuary, romance and creativeness that I do not experience and cannot find within the music of the Sydney indie scene. I love Sydney music, don't get me wrong, but I have a transcended appreciation for music when I listen to these bands from other locations in the world:

*The Album Leaf (California, USA)

*Seabear (Reykjavik, Iceland)

*Sea Wolf (LA, USA)

*múm (Finland)

*Hjaltalin (Reykjavik, Iceland)

*Amiina (Reykjavik, Iceland)

*Sigur Rós (Reykjavik, Iceland)

*Teitur (Hoyvík, Faroe Islands)

*Beirut (New Mexico, USA)

Oh swoon! Send me into a daydream when I listen to these musical gems.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Modern-Day Romancing.

I think that modern-day romancing is not nearly as impressive as romancing that occurred before we got all complex with technology and became lazy. What ever happened to writing love letters and posting them where the receiving lover's heart would jump everytimg she/he would hear the post-man whizz past, just incase he was to deliver an letter sprayed with the lover's perfume. But instead of writing physical love letters we have become boring and instead have turned to emailing one another or sending mobile text messages. What will happen when you grow old and want to reflect on the first letter correspondance you had with your lover? You won't be able to pull out an old envelope of yellow oxidised paper will you? Because you let technology take over. This realisation is rather distressing and it is all your fault as well as the fault of living in the 21st century.

Also there is nothing very sexy or romantic about stabbing your number into a mobile phone, it is much more interesting to whip out a pen and and hold the person of interest's hand while you write down your number on their skin. But no, we all have mobile phones now to store such a number. Booooooo to modern-day romancing.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need to be kind to theredsunband.

I am a complete idiot. Back in 2006 I went to GasWorks in Parramatta to see Dappled Cities (Fly), supported by theredsunband and Operator Please. I sat there during Operator Please and sucked up their new catchy pop tunes and I saw that these kids had amazing potential to be something big. Now they are. But during theredsunband's set I was too busy drinking and getting up to mischief by taking photos of my friends when they least expected it. I remember thinking that theredsunband were droaning, too boring for my liking. I guess being sandwiched in the set between two bands with fun but erratic pop tunes I couldn't grasp the dark and moody atmosphere projected from theredsunband's tracks, extracted from their debut album Peapod.

BUT it has taken me a few years to realise that I actually really like them. They had disappeared from the music scene for a while just after tracks from Peapod were on high-rotation on Triple J and after they were being raved about by just about everyone. But their comeback in late 2007 with their EP 'Like An Arrow' with a single of the same name saw them back on the menu of independent Sydney bands to watch and listen to. I saw them at the beginning of this year at Laneway Festival and I regret not paying more attention to their set. Firstly there was a modest crowd in The Basement which didn't really set the mood, and into the first few songs Sarah's guitar string snapped so there was that interruption in their play time which I think threw me off after a long day of running around and dancing to some of my favourite artists. I just wasn't feeling it or listening to them so I left mid-set and went home.

I'm smacking my head on the keyboard because lately I've been playing their tracks on their myspace tunes on repeat. I haven't yet listened to all of their new album released this month, The Shiralee, but I hope to. I also hope to see them live again with my full attention and to enjoy them. I know they am not one of those bands that share their musical experience better on cd than live in the flesh (as people have told me their live shows are great), so I'm anticipating their next gig of theirs that I attend. They aren't being raved about (again) for no reason..I regret bagging them out as 'boring' after I had only seen them play once because from what I have heard recently, their music is amazing. The track 'The Eagle' from "The Shiralee" is a powerful indie rock tune that I am a big big big fan of. I can't believed I missed them play this tune at Laneway this year.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Keffiyehs are an annoying fashion fad.

There has been uproar lately over the styling of keffiyeh scarves (aka desert scarves) around people's necks in the western world. I personally don't like them especially after seeing them sported by celebrities and Australian idols early-2007, but to then see them in nearly every clothing store in the local shopping centre at the beginnning of 2008 just made me cringe. Then along came the predictive plethora of keffiyehs draped over everyone as i walk down the street, walk into uni, walk into my own house to see two of my brothers bought one in black and one in red. I did grill my brother everytime he wore it and i did state my point that it looks ridiculous and daggy and that my hands are wet and i want to use it as a tea towel.
But the thing that has made a lot of people upset is the fact that this fashion fad has been a Palestinian national symbol since the 1960s, indicative of masculinity (since only men initially wore them) and it has supposed terrorism connotations.

I know that attire with political or national symbolism come into fashion every now and then but this is one that I wish would vanish from street fashion because I can't stand the sight of them anymore. I read in an internet article that "fashionistas" are wearing the keffiyehs and have set off the trend, but the funny thing is that true fashionistas would most likely not wear a scarf like that. High-end fashion most certainly haven't supported the trend.

So unless you're a someone who is supporting Yasser Arafat and wears it around your head..i don't want to see you wearing a keffiyeh!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

I like animals, especially FOALS

There are lyrics going through my head, over and over and over..

"We fly balloons on this fuel called, we fly balloons on this fuel called love"
"Cassius is over! Cassius away! Cassius these daydreams, these daydreams, okay!"

It's good to see a videoclip with indie kids who aren't afraid to dance. I love indie, but I love it even more when there is erratic dancing involved. And I like when there are pretty and obscure props involved too..such as in Foals' "Cassius" which is a videoclip that consists of lots of hearts (cow or sheep hearts I'm guessing) that hang from the ceilings on string..
These guys are fun, kind of geeky but very cute at the same time and the fact that it's a bit hard to understand what they are singing makes the fact that they are foreign (although they come from an English-speaking country) that much better. They score quite a few brownie points with me :)

This is the videoclip to their new single "Red Socks Pugie". The clip reminds me of the 70's/80's educational videos I've had to watch throughout my science education career, sitting in class watching vintage films of how the body works. The mushroom clouds they show in this clip are just phenomenal! The whole dated look to this clip has sucked me in. Another brownie point!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Shootin' Video, part 2.

Done and dusted!
Some of my footage wasn't as great as I'd hoped (too bright in parts) and my audio tracks weren't great, but I think it turned out ok when I mixed it all up.

Just got to do a few presentation-ish things (like a DVD cover and menu, etc) and i'm on holidays.

Here's the video:
(Note: it should be in widescreen but sometimes doesn't. I find if you drag the time bar thing at the bottom to the start while its playing, it'll go to widescreen. It's weird!)

In other news, this Saturday's lineup is going to be the best indie pop show ever - Guy Blackman, The Crayon Fields and Songs. Be sure to attend.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Brownies, bike rides and booze..

MOUNTAIN KIDZ are the best kind of kids.

Wednesday, June 4, 2008


This is one of the best television series I have ever seen. It is sweet, smart, cute and imaginative. For some reason Channel 9 haven't aired it yet, but Adam and I spent some nights last holidays engaging in a 'Pushing Daisies' marathon where we lie around his living room with our cups of tea, watching episodes until 3am haha. Can't wait until they release the new season of it!!
Awwww this pic is so super cute I want to cry..

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shootin' video

So for my major video assignment this semester I am going to be shooting live footage of some bands and editing them into what should be a seminal concert film (at least for a few friends on youtube).

Tonight i've been up all night getting info, and oh my, it's a lot bigger than i thought. Since i'm filming something happening live, an element of danger has been added - one camera/recorder with the wrong format, or one mistake with the audio feed, or anything like that can completely derail what I'm doing.

But i'm seeing the pieces come together. I'm going to make this work. It's the first video prac i've felt excited about, the first one that I can see myself learning from and returning to for leisure, or even something with higher stakes.

This project goes beyond fulfilling criteria - i feel like i have a chance to document something important and to put back into something close to me. It's a chance to not only contribute, but to have a point - Something to do that's an exception from constantly seeing bands, going home and adding nothing to the mix.

This is going to be my first dabbling in live audio, in multi-camera editing, and in capturing live events.

I might be being really overdramatic here, but I'm enthused and excited and scared shitless.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Not safe for work/home/life itself!

Hoorah for our heroic police force and national press, who have spent the last 24 hours protecting us from lefty pervert Bill Henson. Henson is at the center of a whole lot of uproar among those with proper morals for his graphic depictions of half-naked adolescent forms. Which pretty much means he let the terrorists win. But Bill Henson is just the tip of the sick, twisted iceberg. Here's some other things that need to be taken away, for the benefit of the children.

Blind Faith
Long before Eric Clapton started exploiting his audiences with overpriced arena shows and boring babyboomer music, he was exploiting pre-teen girls with his circle-jerk of perversion Blind Faith. A "supergroup" featuring members of Cream and Traffic, their (thankfully) only album featured an eleven-year-old topless girl on the cover. The cover's photographer, Bob Seidermann, described his intention as to show "the beginning of the transition from girl to woman... that temporal point, that singular flare of radiant innocence". Which is basically a self-indulgent way of saying "i wish they'd left that hole in the fence behind the schoolyard"

Miley Cyrus

A hero to preteen girls around the world, the daughter of Billy Ray "Achey Breaky Heart" Cyrus recently expressed her deep embarrassment about having her bare back exposed for the world to see in a photo shoot by Vanity Fair's Annie Leibovitz (see, women can be perverted too!). This apology came after an uproar from the mainstream media, who are at the forefront of the fight against the sexualisation of children - which is why they only plastered the picture across every news outlet in the western world because they knew that parents had to be warned about who their child's hero really is.

Little Boy Fountains

I heard that R. Kelly has a bunch of these installed at his mansion. 'Nuff said.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Get the cool... get the cool shoe shine!

My bus home from the city is right outside the QVB, and at the entrance there's a shoe shining stand.

Is it just me, or is there something really medieval about sitting on a high chair while somebody is on their knees, polishing your shoes.
I'm not sure i could get it done without feeling like an asshole.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


Sunday, May 18, 2008

Cute book shop boy.

While rummaging through I saw this and thought he was super cute.
For some reason I just can't stop looking at the photo..

Watch This Band!

Songs, a 4-piece from Sydney.

I've had my eye on these guys for a couple of months now based on their awesome song "Keeping It Clean", as well as the more recent addition of "KC's In Trouble".

But last night i finally saw them live, and it blows those songs out of the water. When they said they recorded their "straighter" songs for the EP, they weren't lying - their live set is much more varied, bringing in a whole range of influences from across the indie spectrum. They debuted a new song which was the highlight of the set, and played really well together. Be sure to catch them, it seems like destiny that they'll get way, way more popular. Their EP is out now in "selected" record stores, and an album is forthcoming on Popfrenzy Records.


Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Damn 'Ye, we'd be sorry to diss you...

...even your superficial raps are super-official!

I'm officially totally burnt out. Sorry for the lack of posts lately.

HOW TO: Look like a total douche.

The steps to attain a douche attitude and look:

#1: Watch videoclips of Kanye West and practice his dance moves
#2: Perfect Kanye's individual vocals so much so that when you ring up your friends and sing 'Good Life' they will actually believe that it is Kanye on the other end of the phone.
#3: Rehearse all of Kanye's lyrics so you know them off by heart, making particular attention to change your pronunciation of "with you" to "witchu".
#4: Realise that you have to look like Kanye too so you check out his fashion sense and replicate it so well that you will look like him.
#5: Find some girl in the street to be your "black Kate Moss", so that when you listen to 'Stronger' for the 100000th time you can look at her and wink.
#6: Like icecream with a cherry on top for the perfect can't be Kanye without getting a pair of his trademark douche glasses and sporting them on your face like the douche you are.

Those shades are totally impractical, they defeat the purpose of protecting you from the sun, then don't even look cool..but i guess they do protect you from people who try to poke you in the eye. If you buy them for a laugh then I guess I can cross you off my hate list, but really..they are the epitome of lame.
Adam, I know you'll hate me for bagging Kanye but it was obvious that it would be brought up at some stage.

Friday, May 9, 2008


Ok, i have found some new obsessions. More like obsessions for my sight as I get excited everytime my eyes feast on such exquisite, feminine or inspiring objects that I have encountered lately. These include:


They are amazingly cute and I just read a tutorial on how to make one. Firstly I need to buy some patterns and learn how to make a top/blouse in a beautiful vintage fabric that will accompany the collar. And I need to learn how to sew with my sewing machine properly..brushing up my sewing skills since I made satin boxers shorts in Design & Technology (Year 8 or 9).


Lovely and feminine, I like blouses with simple but adorable collars such as the Peter Pan Collar, but I also love blouses with cascading ruffles that gather at the sternum. Mainly these sorts of blouses will be black on its own or black and white preferrably. There is a beautiful black blouse with cute ruffles in Ben Sherman right now (I only noticed it after staring and drooling at Dappled modelling Ben Sherman clothing on very large mounted posters in the Paddington Store). I can't seem to find a picture of it but this blouse is close enough..except for the fact that it is yellow!


I'm not talking disposable crappy portable cameras...I'm talking oldschool SLRs, Holga or Diana+ lomography cameras (which can be bought new but they have that old sentiment and charm to them when you get your photos printed with amazing saturation!) and polaroids.

Yes yes yes yes yes :]

Wednesday, April 30, 2008



Sunday, April 20, 2008

Putting up my defences.

There are many things that I am defensive about. I am just a defensive person. Some people poke fun at me and I usually put up my defences instantly unless I know that too well they are just trying to stir me up. But I am especially defensive when it comes to the music I like. Yes, I understand that everyone likes different genres and sounds and most people have an opinion on music but today I have become irritated after doing some YouTube research on Joanna Newsom and research on one of my favourite Australian bands, Dardanelles. Both of these artists are an acquired taste, understandably because they do not follow the mundane mainstream cookie-cut-outs of pop and rock bands, pretty much because neither are mainstream and both defy these genres.

Joanna Newsom.

When it comes to Joanna Newsom some think she has a voice that makes the listener want to clench their teeth and grate their skin, but like many others I see more to her than just her vocals. Everyone knows that she doesn't have a smooth singing voice but some people are stupid enough to just focus on her singing and be ignorant of the fact that she is a classically trained harpist which in itself intrigues me already. Her lyrics are story-telling in poetry form and reflect Romanticism along with the magical elements that contribute to the dreaminess that embodies her. After I listened closely to her music and watched interviews of her I realised that although she is mannered and gentle (reminiscent of a little girl) she is idiosyncratic which is where the eccentricity of her singing voice fits her perfectly. Then there are jerks who post comments on her videos on YouTube who say that she's "retarded" and think she sounds horrible. I believe people can have their own opinion but that irritates me because people like that are so quick to criticise and post comments like that to spark up everyone elses defences. Like my own. Really, if people like that have nothing nice to say then they shouldn't say anything.

Then a few hours ago I stumbled across an article someone wrote on about Dardanelles, accusing the Melbourne band of being "unoriginal" and "stealing" the main guitar riff to Scott Walker's 'Cossacks Are' in their newest track 'Mirror Mirror'.I had a listen to the guitar riffs and both are simplistic and jolt in and out during the tracks but it is extremely lame to think that one is copying the other, especially since Walker's riff is longer and has a miniscule pause in the middle of it. For someone who doesn't study music even I can tell there is a difference between both riffs. I just think some people cannot understand the fact that sometimes other people's intellectual property can be similar to others without intention.

Dardanelles-'Mirror Mirror'

I think that Dardanelles debut album 'Mirror Mirror'is one of the best albums released recently that I have listened to mainly due to the fact that they have a consistent and innovative post-punk sound with impressionist lyrics that separate them from the indie-electo sound that has emerged everywhere in the past year. It is clever in the way 'Mirror Mirror's tracks blend into one another, making the album into a personality of the Dardanelles at that particular time instead of just being an album of singular tracks with no purpose to the flow as a collective.
But who am I to think that when they are quote,"..talentless hacks who steal guitar riffs from Scott Walker". I just discovered the author of that journal even wrote about "people who make defiant stances against people who get e-angry when someone doesn't like a band that they're fond of". Am I now too predictable?

Die! Die! Die! last night at Oxford Art Factory


Lachlan. Bringing him in on bass was the best move ever, he has great stage presence and his bass lines are increasingly becoming the centerpiece of the band's songs, to great effect. He also wears an awesome jacket.

The crowd being rowdy, out of control, inconsiderate, and making for an amazing exchange of energy with the band. Usually i'd hate a crowd like that, but it was very fitting.

The guy who stood on stage near the end of the set, took off his jacket and his shirt, and stood there for an entire song while he was pelted with schooners.

Blue Skies. That song still floors me every time.

It was a great night, and they definitely got me out of a sagging mood. I reviewed it for Fasterlouder, I'll post a link when it's up.


This winter i've decided i'm going to be one of those squirrels who stow away a whole lot of nuts in winter. And by that, i mean I'll stop being a squirrel who never has any nuts because he traded them all for records. Seriously, i've bought 14 records and 18 cds in the past fortnight. Ridiculousness for someone working 12 hours a week.

So no more superfluous record purchases for a while! (And no, getting the new My Disco LP at the launch next week is not superfluous, it's essential). I'm also going to try to hustle more free tickets to things, stop drinking at shows, and eat out less.

I'm sorry, music industry. You know I love you, right?

It will all be worth it when I can afford to go to Splendour (especially if i can review it for somebody or something).

In other news, will there ever be an album that feels as much like home as Sunset Studies? If a record was a warm blanket, a favourite old jumper and a childhood-defining candy all in one, it would be Sunset Studies.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I like boys with dark hair..

Adam has done a few posts recently and because my muse is on vacation I'm resorting to gossip.
No I'm not going to turn this into a 15-year old girls blog about who in Hollywood is releasing a new perfume or clothing line, who recently got engaged and the "shock-horror" of what celebrity is cheating on their partner with another celebrity.
BUT what I will say is that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are a couple..


I think all of us girls know that Orlando (with a gorgeous Australian girl like Kerr) is never ever ever going to be single again.

While completely diverting our attention away from two gorgeous celebrities who will have amazingly gorgeous babies..I have been listening to 'KONK' the second album from The Kooks. I have had this album on repeat and while I find there are some tracks I absolutely adore, i.e "Stormy Weather", "Mr Maker", "Always Where I Need To Be", "Tick of Time" and "See The Sun", there are some tracks that I still find a bit middle of the road but I wouldn't entirely say that they have 'second album syndrome'. This album just needs to be given a chance. On initial listening it can seem a bit disappointing but giving it more goes makes the tracks more enjoyable and the album as a whole more enjoyable too. I still rather 'Inside In/Inside Out'.

Talking about bands who don't really live up to past albums, I had a listen to 'Brain Thrust Mastery' by We Are Scientists and got through half of it before I put on their previous album "With Love and Squalor" to remind me that their older music isn't bland. Sorry but I don't think Keith Murrays cuteness could save this album. Nonetheless I still like these boys.

We Are Scientists.