Sunday, May 18, 2008

Watch This Band!

Songs, a 4-piece from Sydney.

I've had my eye on these guys for a couple of months now based on their awesome song "Keeping It Clean", as well as the more recent addition of "KC's In Trouble".

But last night i finally saw them live, and it blows those songs out of the water. When they said they recorded their "straighter" songs for the EP, they weren't lying - their live set is much more varied, bringing in a whole range of influences from across the indie spectrum. They debuted a new song which was the highlight of the set, and played really well together. Be sure to catch them, it seems like destiny that they'll get way, way more popular. Their EP is out now in "selected" record stores, and an album is forthcoming on Popfrenzy Records.


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zohara said...

I was looking through the VICE student guide the otherday and saw SONGS in there and instantly pondered when you would mention them again after the time when you were raving about them and played them on fbi..