Friday, May 9, 2008


Ok, i have found some new obsessions. More like obsessions for my sight as I get excited everytime my eyes feast on such exquisite, feminine or inspiring objects that I have encountered lately. These include:


They are amazingly cute and I just read a tutorial on how to make one. Firstly I need to buy some patterns and learn how to make a top/blouse in a beautiful vintage fabric that will accompany the collar. And I need to learn how to sew with my sewing machine properly..brushing up my sewing skills since I made satin boxers shorts in Design & Technology (Year 8 or 9).


Lovely and feminine, I like blouses with simple but adorable collars such as the Peter Pan Collar, but I also love blouses with cascading ruffles that gather at the sternum. Mainly these sorts of blouses will be black on its own or black and white preferrably. There is a beautiful black blouse with cute ruffles in Ben Sherman right now (I only noticed it after staring and drooling at Dappled modelling Ben Sherman clothing on very large mounted posters in the Paddington Store). I can't seem to find a picture of it but this blouse is close enough..except for the fact that it is yellow!


I'm not talking disposable crappy portable cameras...I'm talking oldschool SLRs, Holga or Diana+ lomography cameras (which can be bought new but they have that old sentiment and charm to them when you get your photos printed with amazing saturation!) and polaroids.

Yes yes yes yes yes :]

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Anonymous said...

I came across my satin boxes the other week that I made in DT as well.. such talent.