Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Shootin' video

So for my major video assignment this semester I am going to be shooting live footage of some bands and editing them into what should be a seminal concert film (at least for a few friends on youtube).

Tonight i've been up all night getting info, and oh my, it's a lot bigger than i thought. Since i'm filming something happening live, an element of danger has been added - one camera/recorder with the wrong format, or one mistake with the audio feed, or anything like that can completely derail what I'm doing.

But i'm seeing the pieces come together. I'm going to make this work. It's the first video prac i've felt excited about, the first one that I can see myself learning from and returning to for leisure, or even something with higher stakes.

This project goes beyond fulfilling criteria - i feel like i have a chance to document something important and to put back into something close to me. It's a chance to not only contribute, but to have a point - Something to do that's an exception from constantly seeing bands, going home and adding nothing to the mix.

This is going to be my first dabbling in live audio, in multi-camera editing, and in capturing live events.

I might be being really overdramatic here, but I'm enthused and excited and scared shitless.

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