Sunday, April 20, 2008


This winter i've decided i'm going to be one of those squirrels who stow away a whole lot of nuts in winter. And by that, i mean I'll stop being a squirrel who never has any nuts because he traded them all for records. Seriously, i've bought 14 records and 18 cds in the past fortnight. Ridiculousness for someone working 12 hours a week.

So no more superfluous record purchases for a while! (And no, getting the new My Disco LP at the launch next week is not superfluous, it's essential). I'm also going to try to hustle more free tickets to things, stop drinking at shows, and eat out less.

I'm sorry, music industry. You know I love you, right?

It will all be worth it when I can afford to go to Splendour (especially if i can review it for somebody or something).

In other news, will there ever be an album that feels as much like home as Sunset Studies? If a record was a warm blanket, a favourite old jumper and a childhood-defining candy all in one, it would be Sunset Studies.

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