Tuesday, April 15, 2008

I like boys with dark hair..

Adam has done a few posts recently and because my muse is on vacation I'm resorting to gossip.
No I'm not going to turn this into a 15-year old girls blog about who in Hollywood is releasing a new perfume or clothing line, who recently got engaged and the "shock-horror" of what celebrity is cheating on their partner with another celebrity.
BUT what I will say is that Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom are a couple..


I think all of us girls know that Orlando (with a gorgeous Australian girl like Kerr) is never ever ever going to be single again.

While completely diverting our attention away from two gorgeous celebrities who will have amazingly gorgeous babies..I have been listening to 'KONK' the second album from The Kooks. I have had this album on repeat and while I find there are some tracks I absolutely adore, i.e "Stormy Weather", "Mr Maker", "Always Where I Need To Be", "Tick of Time" and "See The Sun", there are some tracks that I still find a bit middle of the road but I wouldn't entirely say that they have 'second album syndrome'. This album just needs to be given a chance. On initial listening it can seem a bit disappointing but giving it more goes makes the tracks more enjoyable and the album as a whole more enjoyable too. I still rather 'Inside In/Inside Out'.

Talking about bands who don't really live up to past albums, I had a listen to 'Brain Thrust Mastery' by We Are Scientists and got through half of it before I put on their previous album "With Love and Squalor" to remind me that their older music isn't bland. Sorry but I don't think Keith Murrays cuteness could save this album. Nonetheless I still like these boys.

We Are Scientists.

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