Monday, April 7, 2008

British pop music.

I think I have a soft spot for Britpop.
And I am so forgiving of it if it all sounds the same as well!

A repeat offender is Jack Penate who uses the same guitar line in about 5 of his songs (approximately the chords in order: G,Bm7,Cmaj7 and D)and does some erratic dancing on stage, but it is so hard not to sing-a-long to his hopeless romantic songs and watch the videoclip to "Have I Been A Fool" and just go "awwwwww!". But when I saw him on stage at The Factory I stopped going "awww!" when I couldn't understand a thing he was saying inbetween songs. hmmm.

Jack Penate.

There is also The Kooks who produce songs with guitar lines that are a bit repetitive (ie 'Sofa Song' and 'She Moves In Her Own Way'), bouncy drums beats, lyrics about sexual inexperience and letting go of love, and Luke's whimpering singing. Their new single "Always Where I Need To Be" hasn't exactly impressed critics here but I still love it because those songs elicit the inner teeny bopper in me who finds their tracks 'romantic' and addictive. I'm sure I would scream, blush and jump up and down if they were to announce a tour to Australia anytime soon. I don't care how many times Simon Amstell bags them out, they are one of my favourite Britpop artists. And their track and videoclip to "She Moves In Her Own Way" makes me melt inside. They have even done a cover of Peter, Bjorn and John's "Young Folks" and have taken out the infamous whistling and replaced it with melodic humming and "do do's", they have also slowed the tempo down a bit giving it a 'cruising down the countryside on a sunday afternoon in the sun' kind of feel to it. Although Luke still whines in spurts of emotion as he usually does, but I'm so use to it now that I like it.

The Kooks.

I'm thinking maybe I'm just hopeless when it comes to cute British accents and pop music..
Except I'm not into Pete Doherty. Ewwww.
I received a mix of indie music from a friend that included The Hoosiers in it, the track being their new single "Cops and Robbers" is very much a 'single' song in that it has catchy tunes and hooks and the opening of it reminds me of "Cats" by The Cure. The Hoosiers have this track and another called "Worst Case Scenario" which is another fun pop tune although it is predictable just like "Cops and Robbers" and has a guitar line reminiscent of The Kooks et al.
But I admit it, I really really liked 'Let's Dance To Joy Division' by The Wombats when I first heard it.
Please don't hurt me now.


Adam said...

"But I admit it, I really really liked 'Let's Dance To Joy Division' by The Wombats when I first heard it."

get out of my life. ;)

zohara said...

Well it is a catchy song. I even had it on my myspace for a while..but i guess the reference to Joy Division and the fact they are bagging indie kids and culture made me lose respect for them. Along with their stupid wombat..and the fact that they aren't even Australian and are obsessed with marsupials.