Sunday, April 13, 2008

Gig Guide: 13-20 April

What's more worthwhile? My uni assingment? Or a gig guide!
That's right, it's gig guide time!
In keeping with the new layout of our blog, i'm going to keep it more consise than last time. But totally useful!

Let's party!

This Week in Sydney:

Wednesday 16th April: Grand Salvo, Holly Throsby, Machine Translations, Firekites
Factory Theatre, Marrickville, 8pm, $15+bf

I haven't seen Grand Salvo before, but word is that in Melbourne he's a pretty big deal. I've heard him compared to a quieter Sufjan Stevens, and the bunch of songs i've heard confirm this and excite me for this show. He's launching his new record "Death" with an ensemble of musicians, and his recent Melbourne launch has recieved some pretty big kudos. Supports are great too, coming from a bunch of his labelmates on Spunk records - most notably Holly Throsby, who is about to record a new record... so expect some new material from her.

Thursday 17th April: Laura Jean
Seymour Centre, University of Sydney, 8pm, $17

Laura Jean is another Melbourne artist launching an album this week, her album Eden Land. Her last album "Our Swan Song" was a lovely folk record that seemed to slip under the radar, at least in Sydney, but elsewhere she's getting noticed - randomly enough, Snow Patrol have been big fans for some time. Maybe you will be too.

Friday 18th April: The Lucksmiths, Cloud Control, The Small Hours
Hopetoun Hotel, Surry Hills, 8pm, $12

The Lucksmiths have been around for over 15 years - basically, they were doing the indie twee-pop thing before most of their current contemporaries even started school. Not least of all Cloud Control and The Small Hours, two of Sydney's finest going around right now. Check out both the godfathers and the fresh faces of nice Australian boys playing sweet music, with a triple bill charming you'll want to blog all about it.

Saturday 19th April: Die! Die! Die!, Talons, The Ripping Dylans
Oxford Arts Factory, Darlinghurst, 8pm, $15+bf

Die! Die! Die! are one of the first bands i got into when I was a young kid who could suddenly go see bands. A bunch of years later they're still gaining popularity, and while they've slowed the tempo a bit it's been to their benefit - their album "Promises Promises", which is launching here, is their best yet, and live they are one of the best bands going around. Support comes from Talons, who are one of the better new bands around in Sydney, as well as The Ripping Dylans.

Saturday 19th April: Ro Sham Bo
Supper Club, Darlinghurst, 10pm, $20+bf (facebook says $10, hmmm!)

Ro Sham Bo were the best dudes to go see DJ, back when they held crazy parties. But then people realised that they were the best dudes, and now they play big parties with huge headliners all over the place. Go Ro Sham Bo! But i kind of miss cramming into a little bar surrounded by amazing people and going nuts to all the party jams these guys would throw out. So i'm pretty excited that they're taking it back a bit with this new monthly party, playing the rather small and posh-looking Supper Club. No bullshit, just themselves playing some big jams while (i assume) heaps of great people pack in and go nuts.

That's all for this week!

On The Horizon:
08-04-23 Vialka + The Laurels, La Capana
08-04-24 Klever, Club 77
08-04-25 My Disco, Oxford Arts Factory
08-04-26 Against Me!, Metro
08-05-01 Kes Band + Moonmilk, Hopetoun Hotel
08-05-10 El Guinco, Supper Club
08-05-17 Grey Daturas, Hermann's
08-05-31 Ampere, tba
08-06-01 Ampere, tba
08-06-02 The Silents, Spectrum
08-06-05 Dead Farmers + Halal, How Are You + Art Rush, Lewisham Hotel
08-06-16 Whitley, Annandale Hotel
08-06-18 Institut Polaire + Cuthbert & The Night Walkers, Spectrum
08-06-20 Kimya Dawson, Manning Bar
08-05-25 Mark Kozelek, Factory

Happy gigging!

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