Monday, July 14, 2008


Here's some things I uncovered from (i think) the year 2000.

Which means I was 13 at the time.

Pepsi Choose Your Music

Around 2000 as well, Pepsi had a promotion in which you could create YOUR OWN CD, which was huge because burners were pretty expensive.

From memory you just had to redeem some codes from bottles/cans on the internet, pick your songs, and enter your address.

This is what I got a few weeks later, because I was so subversive:


1. 28 Days - Sucker
2. The Living End - Prisoner Of Society
3. Alex Lloyd - Lucky Star
4. (some very late 90s electronic kinda thing that i cant for the life of me remember)
5. Bodyjar - Not The Same

Adam's Stuff #1

This one comes from the 00/01 summer holidays. I just got my burner for christmas (or maybe my 14th birthday), as well as a new webcam, and so my 13/14 year old self made this epic:

I dont care what you haters say, apart from a few things (especially Frenzal Rhomb and my ill-fated attempt to get into that "linkin park" band all my friends were hot for), that mix cd is incredible.

Judging from his cd, At The Drive-In saved my sheltered bible belt life. Thanks guys.


Asian Blush. said...

Haha back in those days I remember you were OBSESSED with Pearl Jam. That's a pretty good mix of good rock music, I remember when I first saw the videoclip for 'Just Ace' by Grinspoon and I thought it was sooo good. Talk about teenagers liking their angsty rock music.. hahaha I agree that At The Drive-In saved your ass from the wrath of religion :)

ashleykerr said...

haha, oh so scary how that resembles half of the cds i made when i was that age!