Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Modern-Day Romancing.

I think that modern-day romancing is not nearly as impressive as romancing that occurred before we got all complex with technology and became lazy. What ever happened to writing love letters and posting them where the receiving lover's heart would jump everytimg she/he would hear the post-man whizz past, just incase he was to deliver an letter sprayed with the lover's perfume. But instead of writing physical love letters we have become boring and instead have turned to emailing one another or sending mobile text messages. What will happen when you grow old and want to reflect on the first letter correspondance you had with your lover? You won't be able to pull out an old envelope of yellow oxidised paper will you? Because you let technology take over. This realisation is rather distressing and it is all your fault as well as the fault of living in the 21st century.

Also there is nothing very sexy or romantic about stabbing your number into a mobile phone, it is much more interesting to whip out a pen and and hold the person of interest's hand while you write down your number on their skin. But no, we all have mobile phones now to store such a number. Booooooo to modern-day romancing.

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