Thursday, June 26, 2008

I need to be kind to theredsunband.

I am a complete idiot. Back in 2006 I went to GasWorks in Parramatta to see Dappled Cities (Fly), supported by theredsunband and Operator Please. I sat there during Operator Please and sucked up their new catchy pop tunes and I saw that these kids had amazing potential to be something big. Now they are. But during theredsunband's set I was too busy drinking and getting up to mischief by taking photos of my friends when they least expected it. I remember thinking that theredsunband were droaning, too boring for my liking. I guess being sandwiched in the set between two bands with fun but erratic pop tunes I couldn't grasp the dark and moody atmosphere projected from theredsunband's tracks, extracted from their debut album Peapod.

BUT it has taken me a few years to realise that I actually really like them. They had disappeared from the music scene for a while just after tracks from Peapod were on high-rotation on Triple J and after they were being raved about by just about everyone. But their comeback in late 2007 with their EP 'Like An Arrow' with a single of the same name saw them back on the menu of independent Sydney bands to watch and listen to. I saw them at the beginning of this year at Laneway Festival and I regret not paying more attention to their set. Firstly there was a modest crowd in The Basement which didn't really set the mood, and into the first few songs Sarah's guitar string snapped so there was that interruption in their play time which I think threw me off after a long day of running around and dancing to some of my favourite artists. I just wasn't feeling it or listening to them so I left mid-set and went home.

I'm smacking my head on the keyboard because lately I've been playing their tracks on their myspace tunes on repeat. I haven't yet listened to all of their new album released this month, The Shiralee, but I hope to. I also hope to see them live again with my full attention and to enjoy them. I know they am not one of those bands that share their musical experience better on cd than live in the flesh (as people have told me their live shows are great), so I'm anticipating their next gig of theirs that I attend. They aren't being raved about (again) for no reason..I regret bagging them out as 'boring' after I had only seen them play once because from what I have heard recently, their music is amazing. The track 'The Eagle' from "The Shiralee" is a powerful indie rock tune that I am a big big big fan of. I can't believed I missed them play this tune at Laneway this year.

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ro said...

Hey! I was at that gig!
And kinda thought the same thing too...except for the bit about OP.