Friday, March 20, 2009

Oh dear, Dear Patrick.

Patrick Wolf in 2007

Patrick Wolf has been a bit busy as of late, recording for his upcoming LP called "The Bachelor" and in the mean time he has directed, along with a Director of Photography, a new video to suit the single from the new LP. This single is titled 'Vulture' and our dearest Patrick who wears cute little shorts with cute little shirts and ties and school boy apparel whilst being all glittered up has gone over to the 'dark' side. Some may say he has evolved as an artist. Some may say he has ruined his former image. He has embraced his personal sexual experiences and has appeared in the videoclip dressed in leather bondage-style. His hair is still blonde though. I could only watch one minute of the video before I felt that I couldn't watch anymore. I didn't even get around to listening to what the new music was like.

Patrick Wolf before

The monochrome video is injected with shadows and quick shot-cutting techniques to make the video as a white quite intense and as if we are viewing a collection of black and white intimate photos. I have a feeling a lot of his fans won't be able to take this approach very well at all. But then again from what I've seen on his myspace page a lot of people are embracing it too (whether they are gay or straight). Yes, everyone knows he is homosexual and everyone accepts it..but this side of his sexuality is difficult for a lot of people to swallow, especially with this transformation from a gorgeous gypsy boy to this gothic sexual imagery.

Some people saw this coming, but I guess with sexuality there usually comes complexity that is hidden behind closed doors. So obviously Patrick didn't really reveal this side of him earlier (although his videoclip for 'Tristan' was pretty dark..) but I guess he feels comfortable now to reveal it to the world to some peoples pleasure and some peoples surprise. Oh how controversial!

If you want to see his new "image" you will find a photo or two in his photos album on his myspace

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