Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The evolution of Starky.

Back in the day I used to have an auditory romance with a Sydney band named Starky,and when I say back in the day I mean a few years ago..YES they were conceived in 1999 (according to wiki!), YES they produced a few EPs followed by a self-titled LP with an awesome cover and songs with great hooks resonating the feelings of breaking hearts. YES their single "Is This How It Ends" was nominated for an ARIA. YES the band began writing and recording a new album before the it was decided Starky was to be no more. The band's last show was when they supported Lost Valentinos on the 17 Deaths Single Tour in Mid 2007 and that was the end of that. But I continued to wear my Starky shirt and reminisce dancing at their gigs.


Then in October 2008 we were informed that Beau Cassidy and Jonathon Wilson of Starky (+ another musician) had gone on to form a new band under the name of Sad Waters. The name is rather reflective of what you hear- the music and vocals are melancholic, spacey, tranquil, allow you to transition into another place- it's is easy to lose yourself in it. When I listen to their tracks up on myspace, specifically "Domino" it makes me imagine videoclips of slow-motion movement of things falling..I can imagine water falling and rebounding off the surface into other beads of water.
Their most-played track "Listen Lovers" is my favourite although it makes me sit and mull over feelings of hurt in the past. There is a change in the direction of the song and it lifts up a notch drawing out the feelings of having to let someone go and knowing that it ends in liberation. I am excited for the day that Sad Waters announce that they are going to play a gig, I'm extremely curious as to what the experience will be like.

Sad Waters

But that's not the only evolution the band has undergone, Beau Cassidy and Nick Neal have recently formed another band with drummer Graeme Trewin (ex-Peabody and The City Lights member)named Dead Beats Club. "Let Me Wander" is a completely different sound to that of Sad Waters, instead projecting a full bodied British rock sound with garage tones and structure that slightly remind me of The Straight Arrows, but more polished and with less punk.
I could go on and describe what the rest of their music sounds like and I could compare it some more but why don't you just go listen yourself!
Either way, I like what the Starky ex-members have come up with and I hope they just continue to grow in these new bands and play a rooftop or warehouse gig in the near future because, to be honest, Sydney local music hasn't been that exciting as of late.


Philippe said...

I used to love Starky. It'll be interesting hearing these other bands...

Christopher Churchill said...

hey! I dont suppose you still have those Sad Waters or Dead Beats songs do you?