Tuesday, January 5, 2010


Pity is a complicated thing. It is something i frequently feel when I see everyday people around me. I don't like feeling pity, but what sparked me to write this was when I left work the other day. There is this man I see often around my local shopping centre and he seems to have a neuromuscular problem, he leans forward when he walks and he tends to drag his feet. His legs are a bit like jelly. He also slurs when he talks.

I saw this man when I left work and he happen to be walking the same route as me and I was absolutely disgusted my how many people were staring at him and whispering or laughing. I felt pity for him. I also felt like I was going to be sick because it amazes me how cruel people can be. Most of the time noone wants to be pitied. Maybe he doesn't notice people stare, maybe he doesn't care that they do. I put away my pity and just felt like striking up a conversation with him.

I was imagining how I would feel if I were to have his legs and to have people stare at me like that. Some people walked past and kept as much distance from him as they could. Since we were walking the same route I decided to walk alongside him and I turned my head to see he was looking at me. I said "Hello, how are you?" and he half-smiled, half-said "hi" and answered that he was "good". It wasn't much of a conversation but I would rather greet someone randomly than join the crowds of spectators who like to stare, taunt and treat fellow humans as if they are anything less.

"Pity" by William Blake


Anonymous said...

You sound like someone I would love to get to know.

zoharara said...

aww shucks :)