Monday, June 15, 2009

CREATE..every day.

Last week I had a huge whinge to my boyfriend after wanting to make him something for our '6th month' but then I came to the realisation that I am neither good at drawing, painting or writing songs. I can make skirts (but he won't want one) and I've put my creativity into cooking before so that was a no-go zone. The day after my whinge and tears of frustration he gave me this:


Now instead of whinging that I don't think that I have creative skills now everyday I will create something..err..creative! Today is day 4 and this is what i created:


It's a guy (modelled off Ned Kelly) with paper aeroplanes in his beard. Originally I was going to make his beard out of blue swallows with their wings spread out but I'm not good at drawing (yet!)


Anonymous said...

What a lovely boyfriend!

zoharara said...

Yeh, it was a lovely thing to do. But at least now he won't have to hear me whinge about not being creative.

Samee said...

zo, you're a great drawer!
shut yr trap!

Maggie said...

OMGOSH new layout!!! =]

Heheh.. at least you baked. And drew a wise beardy man. <3 you!

Lilith O. said...

Ohhhh Daria is a good boyfriend!! I never see the sensitive guy he is underneath all that dry wit and snappy facial expressions.haha. Love to you both, this blog is adorable.
p.s you're an awesome drawer!!!! I have had this whinge before also!!