Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Twine & Brown Paper.

Last night I made a mixtape (in cd form haha) for my boyfriend. The mix includes songs from Australian indie bands because he's more in touch with indie bands from overseas.
I burned the cd and then wrote the tracklisting on some paper from a Nepalese note book and wrapped it with twine. Then I put the tracklisting in a carboard box that was finished with red ribbon and a metal trinket:

To follow I wrapped the box in some brown paper and finished it with more twine and wrote on the back on a photo of us and slipped it under the twine. I also grabbed some chamomile from my backyard and put that in too:
Now I should probably do some study for my exam. Eep!


Lilith O. said...

you're so adorable it hurts!

Beth said...

These are so cute, love the little touches that make all the difference like the cammomile and the twine.
Just stumbled across your blog and love it by the way, you have loads of great posts!
Beth xx

zoharara said...

Oh why thankyou! :D x