Thursday, February 21, 2008

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Today I have decided that I'm not going to post a new blog with some emo poem about darkness or how insanely frustrating love lives can be, rather I'm going to tell a different story. Perhaps it will be in a magazine like format..where there is a film section, music section and section on fashion! Or I will just rant or mutter about random shit..

So I will start here, my itunes is on random and "If you want to sing out, sing out" by Cat Stevens just came has sparked an instant reference to a cult movie made in the 70's called Harold & Maude. Fucking brilliant movie. I described the movie to my older brother who ended up just hearing these words put together "It's about..a young guy...falls in love..with an old lady.." which it pretty much IS about but there is such a beautiful and youthful relationship between the protagonists (ie Harold and Maude). Both of the characters are quirky, Harold is a pale adolescent who looks like he could be a member of The Horrors and is obsessed with death. While he attends funerals as a pasttime he comes across an erratic old woman (Maude) who too has a habit of attending funerals but she is somewhat obsessed with life. They become great companions and both teach eachother values in life..blah will have to watch it yourself. The whole soundtrack is pretty much by Cat Stevens..or Mohammed...whatever his name is now..but if you can't stand his music then you are best to watch this movie with it on mute along with subtitles turned on. Or just don't watch this movie. Your loss. Or perhaps you could treck to Chauvel cinema in Paddington and go see Joy Division. That's what I'm going to do. Adam will be my side-kick in such an adventure.

(Harold & Maude):

Moving onto music, I pulled out my acoustic guitar the other day (I'm quite sure it is not tuned..twang!) and I hunted down some tabs to play with. It was a pretty bad idea, especially since I have never had lessons in guitar and the fact that my nails are too long. I had a strum and tried playing a few tunes, to soon give up pretty quickly. New Year's Resolution..don't fucking touch the guitar until I get lessons. It will save everyones ears as well as my own. I saw on that 'I Will Follow You Into The Dark" by Death Cab For Cutie was one of the Top 100 songs requested for tabs. I have Death Cab's album 'Plans' and I have to say that song is amazingly beautiful in a confronting way, it even starts with the line "Love of mine, someday you will die". Not the sweetest line ever, but he continues to explain that he will follow his lover to the afterlife once she passes which I think is pretty sweet. It's not as if it is unheard of to hear that when an old person has died their partner usually dies within 3 days of their passing. I can imagine my parents being one of those couples, I think it's ideal that they are still in love. I can see whenever they have to part when Dad even goes away for a few days for a conference that they still hopelessly love eachother. It nearly makes me cry seeing them like this because I too hope to be like that when I'm older. But for now I do not care to pour my heart into anyone because it's not like me to do so and I think we all need to stay safe in that way to keep our sanity. While on the subject of love and all of that crap I was quite amused to read these articles last night, so if you like a little bit of science..check out this:

Before I divert too much off the subject of music, and I swear now I will stop talking about old people, I just have to say that I'm really liking the music from Vampire Weekend, a band from New York that have come out with Afro-Pop indie music that is refreshing. On the otherhand there is an album that i got recently FOR FREE..'Guns Babes Lemonade' by Muscles, a Melbourne guy that reached for his friend's dog as inspiration for his stage name. The album starts well with "Sweaty" which is a fun track that has been pretty popular to dance to, then track 3 is Icecream which is the song he is renowned for which is also a fun track..but I couldn't sit through the whole album because most of the tracks sounded the same and after a while the music got irritating so I had to replace Muscles with music that was mellow. Fuck fluoro, Hello Whitley.

(Vampire Weekend)

I return to uni next week, 2 kgs lighter, after three months on holiday hiatus and I am pleased to say that during the holiday period I have made some amazing friends, some that I feel like I really bond with, who reinforce what feels like a 'purpose' to my life. I'm pretty sure with these new friends I will soon be crediting them on any of my creativity because they are guaranteed to be my new muses. A science student amongst design, media and communication students..I thought I'd be like a peach in an apple tree but I'm very much an apple in disguise in an apple tree. So I shouldn't continue with strange metaphores.. Also I have friends who I have known for a while now who I absolutely adore to the core. Love you guys and gals. And returning to uni I am excited to see these friends and indulge in their presence again and in 4 weeks I will have abs of steel and a strong bladder because those kids made me laugh so hard.

Before I sign out, I was bored yesterday and took some scissors to my hair, cut about 4cm off the bottom and am quite happy with the results. Although I already feels it is too short but that is really just paranoia. Lately I have also become quite fond of 'Never Mind The Buzzcocks', a UK music pop quiz...,I have been feeding my sushi addiction at Sushi Train, my room is quote: "a messy disgrace", and I'm dying from the Black Lung. Not really the Black Lung but something is making me cough indefatiguably and I'm starting to get narky.

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