Thursday, February 21, 2008

Dance, dance, dance, dance, dance to balding overweight men!

I'm sick of Control!
Last night i saw it for the third time. We didn't intend to, but we were watching a burnt episode of Nevermind The Buzzcocks and the next video on the disc was... CONTROL!
I still love it though. And to make things better, it inspired me to bust out some old Joy Division footage.

And Youtube has it too! Thanks internet!
You'll probably recognise this one from the movie...

Tomorrow night I'm reviewing Jack Ladder for fasterlouder, and after that i'll be running down the road to Dan Deacon! If i didn't love the Oxford Art Factory for their fashionable, but thoroughly enjoyable interior, i would love them for having headliners on after midnight. And posting set times on their myspace!

Dan Deacon is apparrently an absolute party animal. So it should be a fun way to finish off the night.

I hope I "get" Dan Deacon tomorrow night. Because I don't really dig what i've heard... and a few of my mates keep talking about him like theres some inhumanly wonderful party I haven't been invited to. And i want in.
Although, the "overweight-balding-party-animal" shaped hole in my heart has already been filled....



[ maggie ] said...

Control is freakin' splendid. And I'm not sure if its quality is overrided via multiple viewings.

I'm trying to get into Broken Social Scene via FasterLouder - have my fingers and toes duly crossed, because my favourite band is supporting (Belles Will Ring)!

You know my friend Ausseela, and I know your friend Zohara. Have another exclamation mark radioman. Nice to meet you.

Adam said...

Haha, i was going to ask for that. But i have to work.

Small world! Hello!