Saturday, February 23, 2008

Man tunnels

Okay. I'm a Dan Deacon convert.
Although i'm still unconvinced on his recordings, his beats sound way bigger live, but they aren't even the sole focus of his show.
Dan Deacon shows are a party! Last night at Oxford Arts he even had half the room forming a huge tunnel for people to run through.
Not to mention the whole room dancing. Definitely worth catching when he's in town - next time for Sydney is at Laneway festival.

I also saw Jack Ladder last night, he was fun but the one guy on the bill i hadn't seen was Jordy Lane. I was really impressed - nice electronica/folk, and the way he's going, he could be playing out of the stereos of every whistful teenage girl around the country. At least, the ones who listen to bands like The Postal Service.
Check out his song Galileo, it's lovely and i'm addicted. You can download it from his Myspace. You can even download it there. I like it when Myspace artists do that.

I'm trying to find good karaoke software for my PC. But it's not proving very successful.
I guess people will have to get drunk and sing without a microphone.

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