Friday, March 21, 2008

Je ne parle pas bien le français..

It is Good Friday and I am at home just relaxing..I was planning on doing uni work but as I was making my lunch I was telling my brother how much I love the movie 'Amelie' and the fact that I love foreign films. This led me to ponder what movie would be on SBS at midday and I got very excited when I saw it was 'Pinocchio', the 2002 Italian production starring Roberto Benigni who already impressed me immensely from his role in 'Life Is Beautiful'. I've seen a few reviews that gave this movie very low rating but I think the cinematography was absolutely beautiful and it was very imaginative! This movie brightened my day due to the fact that it is cold and overcast outside. Sigh.


Ahhhh now I want to sit and watch Amelie and other French movies. I watched La Vie En Rose last week and now I wish I could speak fluent French. Oh if only.


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