Saturday, March 1, 2008

Girls Just Wanna Have Sunscreen

Tonight is mardi gras night, but i am sitting at home in my pyjamas listening to music.
It's been a great couple of days though.

Last night I went to see Cool Kids. And even though they didn't come on until nearly 1am.. and brought the worst merch ever with them, their actual show was ridiculous amounts of fun. Sure, they ran out of steam after 20mins... a rapid fire medley of their 5 or 6 hits (basically their discography thus far) will do that to you... but they managed to keep going after that with some more tracks and covers, and it was exhausting and fabulous.

Then i stayed at Kurt's... and when we woke up we went shopping!

First we checked out the new Graniph store. They had some awesome designs, and a really nicely laid out store. Definitely worth checking out, although i have a sneaking suspicion that pretty soon every sydney scenester will be wearing them... like Threadless shirts, but even more common.

Then we went to the Utopia sale. Usually I wouldn't bother with utopia... but with a new turntable, a lot of enthusiasm, and a sale beginning today, i felt like flicking through mountains of bad metal cds/vinyl/fans to find some nice stuff. And i did - i found something I can listen to tonight, and pretend i actually got tickets to the best part of this year's mardi gras...

Other highlights included Springsteen's Born To Run (to put on my turntable when i'm feeling wistful), and New Kids On The Block's Hangin' Tough (will i even listen to this?)

This afternoon, we went to Slaughter at the Opera, an amazing skate comp on the forecourt of the opera house. We got there late, and it was already full - so after spending almost an hour lining up in a queue that i'm pretty sure never got in (the highlight of which was seeing Dustin Dollin trying to sneak longnecks in), we went around the back and used our best skills (as learned from Solid Snake) to get in. And on my second attempt (and Kurt's third - that Barack Obama lookalike security chief was good, but not good enough!) we managed to get in.

It was a helluva spectacle, a huge wooden structure featuring two rails, overlooking the harbour, with everyone sitting on the opera house steps watching the action. Probably the most picturesque skate comp ever, and it's hard to fault the skaters who couldn't stick their tricks - they were facing the sydney harbour and a huge cruise ship the whole time, which must've been slightly surreal. The comp was awesome, with Lutzka being the clear best of the day. Hopefully some video goes online soon.

The downside to that adventure, though, is that i'm ridiculously burnt now. Burnt and lethargic. So hopefully i'll be re-energised (and covered in sunscreen) for Laneway tomorrow... but for now, i'm spending Saturday night chilling in my room, feeling all dried out and blasting She-Bop from my new stereo. Awesome!

....maybe i should cook some bacon cup salads

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