Monday, March 31, 2008

This is why Australia is becoming less and less fun!

The way people tend to write this kind of thing off as irreverent larrikinism, or slightly over-the-top patriotism, or something of that nature is a bit of a worry.

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zohara said...

This so-called "larrikinism" is complete bullshit. I hate that they use their larrikin behaviour as an excuse to be racist and think it's a way to express their patriotism. Obviously they aren't being patriotic because a major part of Australian culture is how multicultural we are. It's amazing the plethora of people we have in our country who come from different backgrounds and have different stories. ALSO I wish these larrikins would go back to primary school where they learned that the English came to Australian shores with the First Fleet, so pretty much everyone has immigrant origins.
I really don't want to see another southern cross tattoo unless the person with it tatooed on them means it.